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Luna sospeso Pendelleuchte Esstisch


Light from another planet

Luna – an experience outside of this world: At first glance, sensual and mysterious. At second glance, a masterpiece of lighting technology – made possible by the magical Occhio fireball light source, which floats like a celestial body in the shining glass sphere.

Magical. Stylish. Playful.

Occhio Luna scura

The moon was the inspiration

Sensual and mysterious, Luna transforms a room into a place of beauty and light. The revolutionary Occhio fireball light source floats almost magically in the glass sphere of Luna like a celestial body. It gives soft, directed light – at the same time powerful and glare-free.

Luna creates a unique atmosphere that can be changed at any time and enchants the room. Thanks to intuitive gesture control and Occhio air.

Luna sogno Occhio

Modern design. Stylish flair.

Luna combines classic with modern – in a fascinating look: metal seems to pour over glass. Metal becomes glass, glass becomes metal.

Luna Oberflächen

With the new high-gloss surfaces dark chrome and phantom, Luna picks up on trends in interior design.

To make the mounting of the Occhio fireball disappear, it was created in the deepest black – Musou Black. So the Occhio fireball seems to float in the glass sphere.

Occhio Luna Serie

Endless possibilities

Luna rarely comes alone – its playful power unfolds in a group. With Luna, there are no limits to designing with light – just like in outer space! The different sizes allow creative arrangements, clouds and even chandeliers.

Esstisch Luna sospeso

Luna sospeso pendant luminaires are available in three sizes. The luminaires can be grouped individually or configured as a cloud solution with three or five luminaires for round and rectangular tables.

With Luna sospeso you will create an inviting atmosphere and set a stylish statement.

That certain something – Luna as an ensemble: As if from another world, the Luna sphere chandelier creates a breathtaking lighting experience.