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Occhio Stehleuchte Leseleuchte Wohnzimmer

Villa Son Vida

The luxury of individuality

Architecture in a new look, an interior that confidently departs from its Mallorcan neighborhood, and a lighting concept that takes a completely new approach: Villa Son Vida is unique not only in its location. It embodies perfection in design – precisely tailored to the personal taste of the owners and sensitively staged by Occhio.
Mito sospeso Kekshaus Küche
Kekshaus Outdoor
Kekshaus Ankleide

The combination of exclusivity and personality

All rooms of the exclusive property, whose owners value style, character, and individuality are illuminated by Occhio. Together and in close collaboration with all partners involved, it was possible to find tailor-made solutions and thus create a holistic appearance in which light and the emotion associated with it take a leading role.

This extraordinary character of the project is reflected in the way light is used in the villa. Starting already in the outdoor areas, where the outdoor luminaires Sito palo and Sito basso show the way to the villa, the situationally coordinated lighting runs through the entire house – for example above the dining table with Mito sospeso or in the dressing room with lui piano edge.

Kekshaus Eingang

The goal as a task

The demand for the highest perfection and precision can be seen here in many refined details and individual design approaches that make this project unique. This is shown, for instance, by the millimeter-precise integration of the Mito sfera into the wooden slatted ceiling in the hallway, where it has been successfully implemented to use the actual mirror luminaire as an attractive ceiling luminaire. This transformation is the result of the close cooperation between Occhio's lighting design department and the carpenter involved in the project.

Kekshaus Wohnzimmer

Light as a touch

Light from Occhio transforms the everyday into the extraordinary – creating atmosphere, flair, positive energy and curiosity. The philosophy of the 'joy of use' by Occhio is inherent in the playful way of interacting with light and creating one's own personal favourite moments. The light of all our luminaires can be adjusted easily, intuitively and individually. The living room of Villa Son Vida with the Mito largo arc luminaire is an example of how this magical feature of the luminaire makes the space shine.

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Color as a statement

The centrepiece and undoubtedly the villa's major highlight is the in-house bar in pink, the owner's favourite color, which – far beyond this unmistakably singular location – can be found throughout the entire house. The color filters of Sento sospeso pendant luminaires create a deepening effect of the color – we call this »choose your light«. This way, all the objects in the room themselves also take on a very special glow.

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Kekshaus Tisch pink
Kekshaus Sessel pink
Sento sospeso pink Kekshaus Bar
Occhio Mito cosmo Pendelleuchte höhenverstellbar

Liveliness as a concept

The kitchen of Villa Son Vida provides the stage for Mito cosmo move, which offers a fascinating glow in the ceiling, downlight, ambient light and the perfect light for a table – the electric height adjustment makes all this possible in one luminaire. Thanks to the adjustable color temperature and up/down distribution, it makes the scene appear constantly new.

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Kekshaus Schreibtisch Gioia equilibrio

Intuition as a driving force

Light also stays in motion with the table luminaire Gioia equilibrio – an almost sculptural appearance that is continuously changing. With impressive movement and the possibility to control the light individually through touchless gestures, it leaves the place to creative inspiration and concentrated work.

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Villa Son Vida

Year of completion: 2022
Architecture: APM Mallorca
Interior architecture: APM Design Mallorca
Luminaires of the series: Mito, Sento, Gioia, Più, lui, lei, Sito
Lighting design: Occhio
Photos: Laura Thiesbrummel

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