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Kirschner Wohnbau Komplex Occhio

Kirschner Wohnbau

Everything on track

The "Quadriga", a multi-storey building complex with a striking silhouette that rises above the historic brick facades of Freiburg's former northern goods station. It gives the up-and-coming neighbourhood between avenues and promenades a distinctive new face. The project, which combines working and living in a special way, was realised by Freiburg property developer Kirschner. In collaboration with Occhio, innovative lighting solutions were implemented to create an inviting and inspiring atmosphere.
Kirschner Office Deckenstrahler Flur
Kirschner Office Pendelleuchte Büro
Kirschner Office Stehleuchte Chefbüro
Kirschner Office Konferenzraum

Beautiful from the inside out: when architecture begins to shine

The focus for the design of the family business' new headquarters was clearly defined from the outset: a prestigious appearance and a good room atmosphere. Accordingly, great emphasis was placed on first-class design down to the smallest details, especially in the lighting – from the entrance to the executive office. The client Kirschner relied on the professional, holistic expertise of Occhio to ensure that the entire office floor appeared in the perfect light. The result is a harmonious composition that makes the top floor, where the Kirschner office is located, appear to float in the dark.

Commonality as the foundation, individuality as the measure of all things: In all areas, customised scenes are created according to situational requirements. In this way, the individual spaces achieve graceful independence, although they remain integrated into a holistic lighting concept. The concept is based on a particularly versatile Occhio luminaire: Più. The consistent design with the Più recessed spotlight creates a pleasant ambience for the entire floor, which is enhanced through the deliberate use of other selected Occhio products as discreet yet self-confident highlights.

Kirschner Office Deckenstrahler Eingangsbereich

Arrive, be present, have a sense.

Even in the reception area, continuity and lightness are perceived, carried by the ambient lighting of Più piano edge recessed spotlights, which runs like an invisible thread through all the rooms. Partly accompanying, partly accentuating, they lead in continuous lines through corridors and intermediate zones into the offices and communication areas, all permeated by a pleasantly light transparency that allows the light to penetrate from the inside out in front of the facade.

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Kirschner Office Konferenzraum

People and space in dialogue

Clients are invited into the meeting room, an area that welcomes them with golden, earthy colors. The flair of the fabrics, wall design, carpet and table in cognac-colored wood is captured by the strong presence of the Mito sospeso in elegant rose gold. The while Più recessed spotlights with the matching color temperature set highlights at certain points.

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Kirschner Office Beleuchtung Empfangsbereich

Architecture and design as a unit

The tendency towards linear stringency, which is formally asserted within the architecture in this case, is clearly reflected in the choice of linear Occhio Mito volo luminaires. Elegant, timeless black was chosen for the height-adjustable, slim pendant luminaire above the desks, whose light can be adapted to the situation either directly or indirectly, and which can be seen as a kind of replica of the delicate door frames in the glass partitions and window frames.

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Kirschner Office Stehleuchte Chefbüro

Making a stylish appearance.

The prestigious management office focusses on emotion. The luminaires Mito volo above the desk and arched luminaire Mito raggio in rose gold in the meeting corner accentuate the room and achieve more depth though soft light.

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Kirschner Office Pendelleuchte Büro

Black, white and everything in between.

The straight, black Mito volo emphasises its graphic character in contrast to the white walls and furnishings and immerses the area in the ideal lighting mood for the moment. The rotating and swivelling spotlight Più alto sets the scene with indirect light.

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Kirschner Wohnbau

Year of completion: 2020
Architecture: Kirschner Residential Construction
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito volo, Più alto, Mito raggio, Più piano edge, Mito sfera su
Lighting design: Occhio
Photos: Robert Sprang

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