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Architecture Studio 1zu33, Munich

Gentle coolness

At 1zu33, the Munich–based studio for architectural brand identity, standards have always played an important role. As the team grew, the location was transformed into a working landscape that encourages creativity and welcomes visitors. The visualization of the company's own values and ideals, while respecting the location and its identity, had to be given top priority. Occhio's lighting concept gives the space a new dimension and perfectly implements the principles of quality and longevity.

The close collaboration between Occhio and 1zu33 is reflected in an almost self–evident decision–making process to find the best luminaire for the various room situations in the newly designed office.

The shared understanding of aesthetic perfection and technical innovation becomes the basis for the extraordinary harmony of light and architecture.


Design at eye level

At 1zu33, linearity is not just a matter of character, but also of form. The slender Mito volo pendant luminaire above the desks, which can be controlled by gesture or app, creates the right working environment with its up– and downlight function.

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All along the line

The lui alto spotlight embodies precise technology in its purest form. With its adjustable light cone and swivel head, details are highlighted or structured surfaces are evenly illuminated. By emphasising the verticals, the room appears even more fascinating – almost like liquid light flowing down the wall.

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Creating different scenes, reacting to situations, moving with the times. The focus of the lighting concept is on the needs of the people who work here. With »color tune«, Mito linear responds to the biological rhythm of the day.

The choice of luminaires and their specific functions creates a coherence between the two different floors, visually and atmospherically harmonizing the industrial character of the first floor with the minimalist appearance of the upper floor.

Schreibtischleuchte Taglio Tavolo Desk Mount

Individual freedom of design

Flexibility, spontaneity and dynamism – modern working requires customised light. The 360 degree adjustable Taglio tavolo desk luminaire can be precisely aligned to the current situation – movement with hardly any limits. The Taglio tavolo desk mount variant merges seamlessly into the table top – a new category that saves space and offers new application possibilities.


Dot to dash

The Sento sospeso pure pendant luminaire above the meeting table, the Mito alto side pure ceiling luminaire for the presentation of models, samples and mood boards: One creates a pleasant atmosphere for conversation with its floating lightness. The other, as a wallwasher, creates flowing transitions and makes the creative content of the architectural office visible.

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Between privacy and intimacy


Year of realisation: 2022
Interior design: 1zu33
Luminaires: Mito volo, Taglio tavolo, Sento sospeso, Mito alto side, Mito sfera, Sento lettura, lui alto
Lighting design: Occhio
Images: Marc Seelen, Christoph Philadelphia

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