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The Cord

In the shine of the 20s

In Berlin Schöneberg, a new innovative urban district is being built on the former site of the Berlin gas plant: the »EUREF-Campus«. Right in the middle of it is the new fine dining restaurant «The Cord», which opened in May 2021 and cover more than 400 square meters. In order to bring out the ambience with all its shades, the lighting design was already considered during the shell construction phase.
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Named after the »Cord 810/812«, a revolutionary, streamlined and therefore very fuel-efficient automobile designed by EUREF initiator Reinhard Müller, you can feel the flair of the golden twenties. The basic color scheme is very dark, but the diverse areas and elements are staged in warm gold and brass tones.
Occhio_Mito volo_gold matt_Restaurant Cord

Pendant Highlights

The Mito volo pendant luminaire fits perfectly into this concept. It is used above the tables of the restaurant, which it transforms into charming culinary islands. Stylistically, it harmonises ideally with the design specifications: The stringent lines extend from the counter to the windows to the arrangement of the tables. At the same time, the total of 17 Mito volos create a luminous horizontal level in the room.

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Light and Shadow

The gold of the golden twenties is reflected in many design elements: at the bar, on the shelves, on the table surfaces, in the historic automobile views - Mito volo in the hand-brushed bronze finish blends harmoniously into this spectacle of light and dark.

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For all occasions

Key factors in the decision to use Mito volo, apart from the aesthetic aspects of the finish and the exclusive look, were above all the flexible height adjustability and the possibility of using it as a downlight, uplight or for both at the same time.

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Seeing the big picture

The Bluetooth-based control via Occhio air is a great advantage: in addition to adjusting the light colors, saving individual scenarios and operating via app or controller, all external lights can also be programmed.

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Restaurant The Cord

Year of construction: 2021
Interior design: EUREF-Consulting - Gesellschaft von Architekten und Ingenieuren GmbH
Lighting design: Occhio, Objektlicht Piwarz
Luminaires: Mito volo
Photos: Robert Sprang

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