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Hotel Misan Norderney

nordic clear & inviting

Along Norderney's finest sandy beaches resides the Hotel Misan. Mild, soft natural tones and materials in the hotel unite the color nuances of Norderney's sandy beaches with the hotel's modern architecture. The consistent design and light quality by Occhio connect the room zones harmoniously.

Occhio_Sento sospeso_Hotel Misan
Occhio_Sento sospeso_black matt_Hotel Misan
Occhio_lui volto_black matt_Hotel Misan

The flowing transitions are not only noticeable in the consistent design: The colours and shapes of the Occhio series also run consistently through the entire hotel and create a feel-good atmosphere that gives the guest the feeling of 'coming home' as soon as they arrive.

Occhio_sento sospeso_black matt_Hotel Misan

Islands of calmness with a view

In the rooms, the lighting congenially takes up the fascinating play of the golden light in front of the window. As a brilliant design move, the black matt Sento sospesos as well as the Sento lettura contrast with the leather covered bedheads and the light wood, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere with their light.

Occhio_mito sospeso_rose gold_Hotel Misan

Arrive and feel good

A gentle wave also makes itself noticeable in the restaurant area: The different heights and diameters of the Mito sospesos catches the movement of the sea playfully. In the puristically designed restaurant area, they offer a beautiful eye catcher with their elegant, rose gold surface.

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Professionals_Sento sospeso_Hotel Misan

And outside the storm is raging

Minimalist design as well as islands of light above the tables and at the bar create an intimate and cozy mood in the restaurant and bar area in the evenings – especially when the North Sea is windswept in autumn and winter.

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Hotel Misan

Year of realisation: 2020
Architecture: Schulze Gronover Architekten
Interior design: kas-innenarchitektur
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Sento sospeso, Sento tavolo, Sento lettura, lui volto
Photos: Robert Sprang

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