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Alter Hof Munich

Individual office lighting design

Once a ducal castle and later the residence of the Dukes of Upper Bavaria, the Alter Hof in the heart of Munich is now a site for innovators and entrepreneurs. The lighting design for this workspace needed to be just as dynamic and enhance the features of the premises.
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Dazzling welcome: an entrance with character

The Alter Hof was an extremely challenging design project. On entering the building, visitors are taken aback by the high-ceilinged, open rooms and the striking architecture of the office world. The gracefully floating Mito sospeso cloud in the entrance hall accentuates this airy yet inviting character. The warm finishes of the luminaires with their different diameters and suspension lengths create a harmonious contrast and underline the stately feel of the reception area. The canopies for the luminaires are attached to grids with a specially made frame and bring a sense of balance to the hustle and bustle of the shifting daylight.

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Setting the scene in the meeting rooms

Mito sospeso suspended luminaires in rose gold add eye-catching accent lighting to the minimalist meeting rooms. Discussions can be complemented with suitably coordinated lighting. Using Occhio standard features, the right ambience can be created in seconds: freely adjust the colour temperature from 2,700 to 4,000 kelvins to create either an invigorating or a relaxed lighting ambience. Continuous control of direct and indirect light ensures a perfect and glare-free distribution of light.

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State-of-the-art workspace lighting

Mito linear is Occhio's answer to modern office lighting. This luminaire series combines lighting and design quality and takes the use of light to a whole new level. The stylishly engineered Mito terra 3d floor luminaire is used in the work areas. As if tailor made, its shape harmonises with the sloping roof surfaces of the interior and blends into the design of the room with its matt black surface. With its linear form and lighting effects precisely defined for the workplace, Mito terra 3d creates focus at work.

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Architecturally sensitive luminaire mounting

The many transparent surfaces of the sophisticated architecture demand a great deal of sensitivity from the lighting design. The luminaires, which float in the room as if by magic, were installed with minimal impact on the interior, allowing lighting and architecture to complement each other perfectly. Seemingly without touching one another.
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The interplay of daylight and artificial light

The view from the two-storey, elegant facade openings stretches out over the Frauenkirche, the jewel in Munich's crown, as far as the peaks of the Alps. The influx of daylight shapes the ambience of the office and constantly creates new lighting situations. Sento sospeso suspended luminaires in rose gold harmonise with the red upholstery of the seating and are another highlight of the office.

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Joy of use – intuitive operation

Innovative luminaire features allow the lighting to be adapted perfectly to individuals' productivity levels. High-quality lens optics guarantee glare-free light that can be continuously adjusted between a warm and cool color temperature. Touchless gesture control means that the direction of light radiating from the double-sided luminaire heads can be tailored to any table and room setup. Intuitive and »touchless control« of the lighting directly from the luminaire head.
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Occhio air – holistic lighting control

Artificial light can both complement and extend daylight, thus creating different ambiences. The Bluetooth-based lighting control, Occhio air, enables central and intuitive control of the luminaires via smartphone, tablet or controller, creating personalised lighting solutions at the touch of a button.

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Alter Hof

Year of completion: 2019
Architecture: Peter Kulka Architektur
Office planning: Concept Süd
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito terra 3d, Sento sospeso, io piano
Photos: Christoph Philadelphia, Robert Sprang
Lighting design: Occhio

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