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John Nollet on light and beauty

The hair artist and designer to the stars John Nollet makes the eyes of his clients sparkle with his creations. Celebrities such as Sofia Boutella, Nicole Kidman and Monica Bellucci have trusted his styling for years. John has devoted his work to seeking and finding beauty. Find out what role light plays for him.
John Nollet illuminated by Occhio

Real beauty radiates from within. As a hair artist and designer, John Nollet makes the inner beauty of his models shine outwards. Light helps his work and its effect: Occhio's superior quality of light gives colours as much nuance and depth as they do in nature.

John Nollet illuminated by Occhio

Light doesn't only impact his work, it's also an integral part of his life: John Nollet appreciates having the right ambience. With »color tune«, the colour temperature of luminaires from the Mito and Mito linear series can be adjusted, so the mood required for exactly that moment can always be created.

'You can create the most beautiful hairstyle, but if the lighting is wrong, it just doesn't work.'
John Nollet