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illuminated by Occhio

stories about light – Saskia Diez

The art of good lighting

For the work of jewellery designer Saskia Diez, good lighting is crucial. It has an energising effect and fires her up to work and be creative, and it brings her unique pieces of jewellery to life. In her 'story about light', Saskia Diez delves into how light plays a pivotal role in her profession.
Saskia Diez illuminated by Occhio

Working in good light doesn't only help us see better, it also sparks our creativity. It can make us more alert and productive. And when it can also be customised to the specific work situation, it is the perfect aid to help us complete our task.


Nothing sparkles without light

Light is more than just brightness; it is what makes rooms and objects come to life in the first place – and brings out the twinkle in our eyes. Properly used light sets the mood and creates ambience, providing an experience for all the senses.

'Like our eyes, objects can only sparkle when they have light. It brings them to life and hides something wonderful and magical in them.'
Saskia Diez