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Bogner Headquarter

From zero to hundred

The building “The Run,” the new home for the headquarters of the exclusive fashion house Bogner, impresses with its imposing uniqueness and a 100-meter-long brick facade. For Bogner, "The Run" combines showroom, office, interaction, and motion in a multifaceted multispace concept.

A sporting challenge that offers Occhio the opportunity to impressively demonstrate its holistic approach. Because it demands both; sensitive zoning as well as joyful staging.
Act and let act – knowledge of the presence of others is inherent in the core idea of Occhio's holistic system. Each luminaire functions as a standalone piece. But also, where it comes to staging others.
Bogner Meetingraum Occhio Beleuchtung Mito sospeso rosegold

Focusing on the essentials

In sports, the special importance of concentration is well known. Thus, in the design of the Bogner office area, the calm, harmonious composition of materials and the light of Mito sospeso are deliberately favoured. Mito alto side provides homogeneous illumination of the wall surface. Both luminaires combine technology, light, and design and offer unique features that allow the light to be intuitively adapted to the situation.

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Heights and depths

In the cafeteria, Mito sospeso luminaires invite lively conversations at the table. Their rings capture the community essence and can be effortlessly adjusted to the desired height at any time. The sophisticated retraction mechanism ensures perfect balance and »color tune« allows for variability in the lighting mood.

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Corners and edges

For the in-house cafeteria, various luminaires were deliberately selected to shape its zoning with characteristic light islands. Alongside Mito sospeso, the minimalist, elegant Mito aura ceiling luminaires – unobtrusive yet self-assured – set three-dimensional accents.

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The subtle difference

Occhio planned a separate lighting situation for each individual dining table. The intention was to create variety and liveliness with light, in the context of the 'new way of working'. For example, the long table is perfectly staged with the elegant Mito volo. Powerful up- and downlight, radically straightforward.

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Powerful in presence

With light that changes colour, the in-house gym area can be used flexibly. Mito soffitto, in combination with playfully arranged acoustic panels, stages the ideal setting – from a soft glow for relaxing yoga classes to activating light for performance-orientated workouts.

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Bogner Headquarter

Year of completion: 2022
Architecture: Oliv Architekten
Interior design: Stephanie Gehringer – Architektur & Innenarchitektur
Luminaires: Mito alto side up, Mito sospeso var up, Mito volo fix up, Mito aura, Mito soffitto, lui pico track pro power, lui pico flat pro power, io sospeso fix up, Sento sospeso fix flat
Lighting design: Occhio
Photos: Marc Seelen

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