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Luna Sphere in Aranya Chapel

The Chapel of Light

Connected in light

In cooperation with Wallpaper Magazine, Occhio invited selected architects, interior designers and lighting planners to the culture of light summit in Youyi Bay, China, and transformed the 'Chapel of Music' into the 'Chapel of Light' with the multifaceted Luna series. The joint summit focused on the diverse influence of light on architecture, design, form and human interaction.
Luna Sphere Aranya

Orchestrating light, air and sound

In addition to exciting panel talks, inspiring encounters and experiencing a new culture of light, it was the Luna sphere installation in the 'Chapel of Music' that will remain unforgettable. The architect Dong Gong, founder of Vector Architects and known for his pursuit of harmony between nature and architecture, designed the chapel as a place to pause and experience the senses.

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Luna Sphere Center in Aranya Chapel

Luna sphere – magical solitaire

Luna sphere becomes the impressive centerpiece of the 9–meter–high meditation rotunda, which shines with soft natural light and combines grand architecture with delicate magic. As an installation of 61 Luna sospeso, it fills the room and touches the senses of the observer. Along the wall, seating made of polished concrete invites you to consciously pause and immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of light, air and sound.

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Occhio Luna Leuchte Design Glas
Occhio Luna Leuchte Design Glas
Occhio Luna design Glasleuchte

Sensual lightness

The Skylight Music Hall on the upper floor creates a sunken stage that looks like a floating disc when viewed from the meditation rotunda. Brass sound tubes embedded in the seats transmit the sound of the music into the dome. The retractable round roof catches the skylight and turns the music hall – in good weather – into an impressive open-air theatre. In this ambience, the Luna series unfolds its full power – Luna basso, sogno, parete, piena and scura transform the Music Hall into a sensual overall experience.

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The Chapel of Light, Aranya

Year of realisation: 2023
Luminaires: Luna sospeso, Luna parete, Luna piena, Luna scura, Luna sogno, Luna basso
Lighting design: Occhio
Images: Bo Niu

Occhio for your project

Luna sphere can be ordered as a customised luminaire in various sizes curated by our lighting designers. We look forward to working with you to create something extraordinary – a new culture of light. Please contact our project sales team.
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