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Occhio illuminiert Haus der Kunst

Haus der Kunst

A stage of light

Munich's Haus der Kunst is well-known for its exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. "Sitzung", the current artwork by Martino Gamper, transforms the museum's central hall into a lively, changing space. The exhibition is staged by Sento sospeso pendant luminaires, which create an impressive performance and harmoniously combine art and light.
Haus der Kunst Occhio München

Art in the flow of time

Munich's Haus der Kunst is a cultural institution distinguished by its blend of contemporary art and historical ambience. A place of creative innovation and cultural reflection, it is known for its groundbreaking exhibitions that transport visitors into a world of impulses.

In cooperation between Occhio and Haus der Kunst, luminaires by Occhio stage the exhibition in the central hall and transform the impressive space into an atmospheric place of encounter.

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Occhio illuminiert Haus der Kunst

The art of sitting

The interactive exhibition "Sitzung" presents 100 chairs by designer Martino Gamper. Visitors can place the chairs in the central hall of the Haus der Kunst as they wish to gather, rest and play. A square of 108 Sento sospeso in matt gold provides a stage of light for the installation. The height-adjustable pendant luminaires were made in special lengths especially for this exhibition and can be flexibly adjusted between five and three and a half meters in length.

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The artist

Martino Gamper is a well-known Italian designer and furniture artist. He was born in 1971 in Merano and studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Gamper is known for his experimental approach to design and his ability to create unique pieces of furniture from everyday objects and materials. His work has been exhibited internationally and is part of many renowned design collections.

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Hocker von Martino Gamper

Art meets craftsmanship

In Martino Gamper's latest collection, precision craftsmanship and artistic vision merge to create a limited series of stools. These pieces, inspired by Gamper's contribution to "Sitzung", demonstrate the harmonious connection between functional furniture design and individual expression. Each stool, developed in close collaboration with Italian woodworker ALPI, tells its own story through its unique layers of colour. This collection emphasises the beauty in detail and the importance of craftsmanship, with each piece carrying its own identity and story.

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Susann Meise Occhio

"Culture is a human achievement. Art is culture, Occhio also stands for culture – for a new culture of light. Art and light together create something wonderful that touches our hearts."

Susann Meise, co-CEO of Occhio

Haus der Kunst

Year of realisation: 2023
Luminaires: Sento sospeso, Più R alto 3d track, lui basso
Lighting design: Occhio
Images: Robert Sprang, Judith Buss

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