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The joy of sharing

Magical get-together

Light creates an atmosphere for shared moments that make our emotions shine. It is the key to creating a magical mood for memories that last.
Mito sospeso Dining

Lighting that evokes emotion

Whether it's a dinner party or moments spent together in the living room, the ideal lighting plays a crucial role and is one thing above all: versatile.

Mito sospeso gives your home the atmosphere you want within seconds.

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Pendelleuchte Mito linear volo
Luna sospeso Esszimmer
Pendelleuchte Mito sospeso
Sento sospeso
Stehleuchte Gioia lettura phantom Klobudden

Inspirational moments

Mobile luminaires create individual oases of light that invite you to linger. But they also have the ability to positively influence our performance and change our focus.

Gioia lettura brings optimum reading light to any place you have chosen for focused or relaxing activities.

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Luna basso Lichtwirkung neu

When dreams unfold

Elevate your ambiance as the orchestrator of comfort for you and your loved ones. With our intuitive »touchless control« you can tailor the light intensity and color to craft the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Luna basso blurs the boundaries between technology and sensual design – a perfect gift that will make your world shine in new splendour.

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