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Occhio air

Occhio air tutorial - Set up app & controller

In the following video tutorials we show you how to set up your Occhio air network at the first start of the app, how to add further networks and how to control luminaires smart and touchless via the Occhio air app and the controller.

Occhio air app

Setting up a new Occhio air network

Open the Occhio air app - the app automatically recognizes all connected lights in the vicinity. Add the luminaires to a new network and assign a name.

Create an additional network

Under "More / Change network" you will find the function "Create a new network" with which you can create additional networks (e. g. kitchen, living room, etc.) In the list of all networks, you can now select new networks and add luminaires (unpaired ones only) under "luminaires".

Configure luminaires in Occhio air

You can change the configuration of luminaires that you have already added to a network in the "Luminaires" tab. A double click opens the configuration and you can assign a symbol to the luminaire. The luminaire name is usually added automatically, but can be defined individually in special cases such as Sento. You can also adjust the positions of the luminaires in the "Luminaires" tab.

Control luminaires via Occhio air app

With your smartphone or tablet you can control, dim, fade or change the color temperature of luminaires or entire groups touchlessly via app. Follow the video instructions and set up your Occhio air app individually.

Occhio air controller

Configure the Occhio air controller

Under "More / Nearby devices" you can add the controller to your network just like a luminaire. To do this, open the tab and then click the IIII button and the down arrow on the controller at the same time. Under "More / air controller" you can now configure the keys of the controller and assign luminaires, groups or scenes to them.

Control luminaires via Occhio air controller

With the Occhio air controller you can use the same functions as in the app. Follow the instructions in the video tutorial to easily control light with the controller.

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You can also configure scenes and groups with Occhio air and control your luminaires via Apple Watch.
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