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Occhio air tutorial – Configure luminaires, scenes & groups

The video tutorials below show you how to customize your Occhio air network even more and tailor it to your needs, bundle up luminaires in groups or scenes and synchronize or time them.

Control luminaires in groups

You may bundle up various luminaires in a group via the tap „Luminaires“ by clicking on „Edit“ and moving a luminaire symbol on top of another one. You can now name, save and adjust the created group again using "Edit".

Control luminaires with gallery function

With the gallery function, luminaires can be controlled intuitively on a picture of your own room or wall. You can add a new gallery by clicking on "Edit" in the "Gallery" tab. Select an existing image or create a new photo on which you may now locate your luminaires via the plus sign to control them.

Preset lighting moods in scenes

Your favorite lighting moods can be captured as a scene. To do this, create a new scene in the "Scenes" tab via "Edit" and click on the plus sign. Give the scene a suitable name and set the lighting mood of luminaires that you want to include in the scene according to your preferences and needs.

Gently fade between scenes – by animation

Create a new animation to automatically fade between multiple scenes (e. g. suitable for dynamic shop lighting). To do this, click "Edit" in the "Scenes" tab and then the plus sign. Name the animation and select the scenes you want to blend into each other. Set the fade-in time, wait and the like.

Add a timer for scenes & animations

Time scenes and animations to turn on and off automatically (for example, to protect against burglary while on vacation). In the tab "More", select the top function "Timer", then "Add timer". You can now select the desired scenes and animations and set dates and times.