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A perfect cooperation

Gaggenau and Occhio share the same philosophy, whether it be their unique affinity for details, their outstanding quality or their timeless design. Therefore, the showrooms of the manufacturer for exclusive kitchen appliances are perfectly staged with Occhio’s luminaires. The Munich-based architectural office 1zu33 is responsible for the design and implementation.
Occhio_Gaggenau Chengdu_2

Showroom Chengdu

The Gaggenau showroom in the Chinese city of Chengdu is one of the most recent examples of the cooperation between Gaggenau and Occhio. The showroom’s straightforward and puristic design concept with its own wine tasting and dining-in concept is perfectly staged by Occhio. It finds its equivalent in the reduced design of the installed luminaires.
Occhio_Gaggenau Chengdu

Bamboo on the ceiling is subtly accentuated by lui alto and creates a connection to the location and the Chinese national symbol – the panda bear.

Showroom Chengdu

Year of realization: 2018
Area: 530 m²
Luminaires: lui alto, Mito sospeso, Mito soffitto
Conception/planning: 1zu33 + Occhio
Photos: Gaggenau

Showroom Chicago

The showroom at Chicago's Merchandise Mart is inspired by the philosophy of Mies van der Rohe and expresses Chicago's vivid architectural history: Clear forms and structures meet extraordinary materials such as white marble and oiled oak wood.
Occhio_Gaggenau Chicago

Occhio_Deckenleuchte_Più R alto 3d_Gaggenau Chicago

Più R alto 3d in their puristic design support the minimalistic design concept - creating the perfect environment to work, cook, and present right around the live cooking zones. Divo sospeso place subtle accents above the massive wooden tables while discreetly creating just the right ambience.

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Showroom Chicago

Year of realization: 2017
Area: 200 m²
Luminaires: Divo sospeso LED, Più R alto 3d track
Conception/planning: 1zu33

Showroom London

In Wigmore Street, London, they harmonize perfectly with the traditional elements of the heritage-protected building. The interior design of the showroom is a tribute to the British capital – the omnipresent red bricks, for example, are staged in London underground style.
Occhio_Gaggenau London

Occhio_Ceiling lamp_Gaggenau London

Occhio Più R spotlights provide pleasant general lighting and perfectly harmonize with the traditional elements of the landmarked building. Additional accents are created in the room using luminaires from the Divo series.

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Showroom London

Year of realization: 2016
Area: 210 m²
Luminaires: Divo sospeso LED, Divo stilo, Più R piano, Più R alto 3d track, Sento tavolo
Conception/planning: 1zu33
Photos: Bodo Mertoglu

Showroom Guangzhou

The new Gaggenau showroom in Guangzhou is astonishing! Located on the 52nd floor of the International Finance Center, the showroom with more than 290 m² offers a breath-taking view of the largest city in southern China. Designed by Munich architectural office einszu33, it incorporates traditional elements from the region. Oyster farming in the Pearl River Delta, for instance, was a major inspiration in the ceiling design.
Occhio_Gaggenau Guangzhou

Occhio_Gaggenau Guangzhou_2

Large, vaulted brass nets recall the shape of the region's oyster houses. Occhio Più spotlights were installed behind the nets and radiate an unbelievably warm light with a shimmering glow.

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Occhio_Gaggenau Guangzhou_3

The highly polished concrete showroom floor also takes its cue from the Pearl River and simulates the reflection and movement of the water.

Occhio_Ceiling lamp_Più piano_Gaggenau Guangzhou

In addition, Occhio Più piano luminaires in different versions were used as lighting accents in various areas of the showroom and emphasize the elegant modernness of the interior.

Showroom Guangzhou

Year of realization: 2015
Area: 290 m²
Luminaires: Più piano seamless, Divo sospeso LED, Divo stilo
Conception/planning: einszu33
Photos: Christoph Kügler

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