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Black Temple

The light outlines the darkness

When you enter the penthouse, you immediately slow down. The interior design is unagitated, dark colours create a sense of tranquillity. An almost spiritual place. That was precisely the aim: to create the feeling of entering a temple.
Occhio Wandleuchte Flurleuchte Gangleuchte design

Transforming darkness into quiet beauty

Dark wall surfaces have a warm and atmospheric effect. The darkness is finely nuanced throughout the interior; the deepest black is found in the background of a fine art print. Its dark colours in particular have transformed the penthouse into a place of light, because: "The design concept doesn't work without light," says Dominik Weindl, Managing Director of Zdovc Planung GmbH. Here, io verticale draw their cones of light on the dark walls.

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Occhio Deckenleuchte Pendelleuchte Design

Mysterious light zones draw the eye

The various dark surfaces absorb and reflect the light in different ways. Without structure, there is no depth; the structures only come into their own with the right lighting. And it is the luminaires that create a mood in the midst of the black rooms – like the Mito sospeso pendant luminaires in the cosy dining area.

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Occhio not only fills the creative spectrum between light and dark with its quality of light, but also with a high standard of design. The luminaires add a further dimension to the progressive interior across all series.
occhio design leuchte

Sensual glow and sophisticated lighting technology

Mito soffitto turns the ceiling into the supporting pillar of the lighting concept. Its iconic ring nestles perfectly against the ceiling, allowing the finest structures to take effect and setting the room centre stage with different lighting effects. A lighting concept that borders on light art with its glare-free optics, powerful downlight and infinitely adjustable intensity and colour temperature.

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Year of completion: 2022
Project development: Zdovc Planung GmbH
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito soffitto, Piú alto, io verticale
Lighting design: Occhio
Photos: Zdovc Planung GmbH

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