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Occhio Gioia lettura Mads Mikkelsen Kampagne


To those who strive for new horizons

Gioia opens up new horizons. A sculpture in the room, with impressive mobility as well as magical lighting effects controllable via gestures. Let our movie with Mads Mikkelsen lead you into this fascinating world.

Infinite mobility, as you can only dream of. The fascinating feeling of weightlessness. And an almost sculpture-like appearance that evolves constantly.

Light that can be directed as if by magic. Inspired by the sun, it changes the mood and atmosphere like natural light – simply with a magical gesture.

Gioia means joy.

Unlimited joy.

Occhio Gioia Tischleuchte Homeoffice Luxus
Stehleuchte Gioia lettura phantom Klobudden
Tischleuchte Gioia tavolo black phantom