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Background - Why Occhio

About us

Welcome to Occhio

Occhio stands for excellent design, unique lighting quality, and ‘joy of use’ at the highest level – and thus for a new culture of light. Founded in 1999, Occhio is now one of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies, having developed from its position as a German design icon to become an international lifestyle brand in the luxury segment. For more than 20 years, we have been fascinated by the idea of perfect lighting, and we love enabling others to experience this fascination with light – it's our DNA.

From evolution to revolution

In the beginning, there was light – and light is evolution. This idea has always been important to Occhio. It crops up time and time again, and never fades. Everything is constantly changing. Nothing remains the same. Because only that which continues to develop will endure. Just like Occhio.

The history of Occhio

Occhio Stehleuchte puro chrom



Puro is born from the quest for the perfect lighting and is the first holistic lighting system for residential and commercial areas. The key idea from founder and designer Axel Meise is a modular head-body-system that is continuously developed over the next 20 years and continues to inspire more and more people.



With Sento, Axel Meise and his team's next project is a huge success. Sento is the first lighting system with adjustable lighting effects and color temperatures. Interchangeable lenses and color filters provide fascinating effects. The lighting system develops into a bestseller, then a perennial favourite and finally a classic.



Inspired by the success of the Sento series, Occhio continues to expand the range of applications, creating Divo, the first decorative lighting system. Thanks to the changeable, internal aluminium reflectors, the lighting effect can be changed in this case too. Divo – an object of desire!


From evolution to revolution

Every revolution needs a beginning – and Occhio has two: the meteoric rise of the LED and the ban on incandescent light bulbs. When developing its LED lighting, Occhio takes sunlight itself as its inspiration. Più starts with »Smart Source«, which gives the customer the choice between halogen and LED for the light source. Later, Occhio introduces io, the first modular LED lighting system with gesture control, which enables a new approach to light – the joy of light. Occhio's own LED architecture spanning all systems is gradually established.


Sento LED

The pinnacle of change: Sento in halogen becomes the Sento LED system – with completely new control features. Two LEDs provide uplighting and downlighting that can be controlled separately. With output-compensated »up/down fading«, the full luminous power is available on demand on each side. Light can be directed anywhere in the room!


The universe of light

At the Light + Building 2016 fair stand, differently dimensioned design lines for indoor areas (Planet X, L and M) and a line for outdoor areas (Planet E) – depicted as planets – complement each other to form a comprehensive 'universe of light'. The philosophy of holistic lighting design for all areas of use is now a reality. The intuitive, Bluetooth-based Occhio air lighting control is also presented.


Mito – the myth of light

With Mito, a new form of ring light system is introduced in 2017, featuring »color tune« and unique gesture control for the first time – a masterpiece. The series is gradually expanded with the Mito largo and Mito raggio arc luminaires (2018), the Mito sfera mirror luminaires (2021) and the Mito aura ceiling luminaire (2021).


A new culture of light

The new claim of »a new culture of light« beautifully expresses Occhio's mission: to bring an unprecedented light experience to people's living and working environments, thereby enriching their quality of life. This is because the new culture of light from Occhio combines design, quality of light and Occhio's unique 'joy of use' to create a new attitude to life.


Occhio opens up new markets

In 2019, Occhio opens its first store in Guangzhou, China. It represents a milestone in Occhio's expansion strategy, swiftly followed by others in Mumbai, Dubai, Taiwan and Stockholm.


New Occhio flagship stores open

After openings in Cologne and Munich, Occhio celebrates the opening of the Occhio store Hamburg, located directly in the Rathausmarkt, in 2019. More flagship stores follow in Milan (2021), Stockholm (2021), Berlin (2021), Shanghai (2022) and most recently Mallorca (2022). Our flagship stores offer an interactive brand and product world that turns light into an experience.


New horizons

With Gioia, Occhio opens up new horizons – and redefines table and reading luminaires with impressive mobility, innovative features and precision lighting.

About Axel Meise_2

Axel Meise – passion for innovation

In 1999, Axel Meise started out with an idea that was as simple as it was revolutionary: to create a lighting system with consistent design and quality of light that would offer users the ideal solution, whatever their spatial requirements – thereby allowing people to become the lighting designers of their living space. Today, Axel Meise is one of the most successful lighting designers in the world. His creations have received over 100 awards.

More about Axel Meise
"We bring the culture of light to the people. Our light is not meant to illuminate a room, but to make a living space shine."
Axel Meise – founder and chief designer of Occhio

The culture of light

Light is an elementary part of our lives. With light we create living spaces, we create mood and we create atmosphere. Enriching people's quality of life with good lighting and creating awareness of how important light is in our lives – creating a new culture of light – is our vision. A new approach to light. As an international brand, we bring the new culture of light to the world and to the people.

Occhio Project Schweden Klobudden Mito largo People

Quality of light equals quality of life

The light of the sun makes colors shine like in nature and brings structures to life. Our aim is to replicate this light as closely as possible. The sun, with a CRI of 100, is our only valid benchmark. With a CRI of more than 95, we come exceptionally close to our ideal.

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Light becomes life

Occhio's unique consistency of design and quality of light makes it possible to holistically design homes and buildings with the perfect lighting. Here, our culture of light can unleash its full potential. Experience Occhio in practice.

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