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Hausboot Berlin

Occhio lights for the feeling of freedom – longing place Berlin houseboat


Munich, February 2023


The sophisticated and individual lighting systems from Occhio find the perfect solution for even the most individual situation. This is also the case for this very special place: a houseboat on the waters of Berlin.


The Cube - that's the name of Occhio co-CEO Susann Meise's houseboat, with which she has fulfilled a childhood dream. The flexible, minimalist lifestyle on the boat is reflected in an equally flexible lighting concept, which focuses above all on use and application in the smallest of spaces. Being on a boat creates a feeling of home for Susann Meise, as she spent the first years of her life on her grandparents' barge. The different reflections of light on the water have something magical for her - and her passion for perfect light is also evident on her houseboat. It required a restrained, efficient lighting design - adapted to the flexibility that life on the water just brings. "On a boat, you have to take a pragmatic approach to lighting design: You can't hang pendant lights, for example, because they would sway on the water due to the rocking of the boat," says Susann Meise, co-CEO at Occhio, about the challenges of lighting design.


The Mito soffitto ceiling luminaires float above the round dining table, arranged as a cloud and illuminating the center of the room. The three differently sized luminaires were chosen in white and gold matt finishes, shine in glare-free light thanks to special lens optics and sophisticated technology, and create a unique lighting atmosphere. Past the effectively placed reading lamp io lettura the view glides onto the water. The smart LED luminaire presents itself in restrained white, offers perfect light and best color rendering for comfortable reading hours. Atmospheric light can be intuitively controlled and dimmed directly at the luminaire head via "touchless control“.


The atmospherically arranged io verticale wall luminaires in matt gold, which can be rotated and emit light from both sides, cast pleasant light over a minimalist bench and replace pictures on the boat wall with their artistic-looking light cones. In the sleeping area and the WC, the Mito sfera and Mito sfera su mirror luminaires have been mounted on the wall in such a way that they are reminiscent of portholes on a ship - as they are above the sofa in the living area. Thanks to innovative technology, the mirror luminaires with their sublime design provide fascinating features: the light can be switched, dimmed and its light color can be changed by gesture.



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Stehleuchte modern gold matt
Stehleuchte Wohnzimmer modern gold matt
io verticale Wandstrahler modern minimalistisch
Hausboot Berlin