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A galaxy full of opportunities: Mito cosmo by Occhio


Munich, April 2023


With Mito cosmo, Occhio creates a completely new category - and removes the application limits of luminaires from an innovitve point of view. So the curtain rises on a spectacular show when the rings of Mito cosmo perform their impressive choreography in various arrangements - just by touching the Occhio air app or making a magical gesture.

Spacious glow, downlight, ambient light, floating light cloud, perfect table lighting: Occhio offers all of this in one series with Mito cosmo, breaking the known boundaries of lighting design.


Next-level lighting applications

With Mito cosmo, Occhio has created a completely new category of lighting. Mito cosmo move removes the application limits of luminaires innovatively - and opens the curtain to a spectacular show. Its electric height adjustment allows playing with different scenarios, revolutionizing the staging of light in a unique and always fascinating way. Mito cosmo has several applications at once: a futuristic glow emanating from the ceiling, a focused, ceiling-flush downlight, powerful ambience lighting or the perfect lighting over a dining table or desk. This ingenious innovation means that the conventional division of ceiling and table lighting is completely eliminated. The resulting lighting scenes and arrangement options give users limitless freedom in designing their spaces – allowing them to tailor the lighting to their specific requirements.


»magic move«: magical light play

As if at the wave of a wand, »magic move« electric height adjustment changes the position of the luminaire. A simple tap on the Occhio air app or the controller fixes Mito cosmo move at the desired height. What's more, a gesture is all it takes to touchlessly control the luminaire within arm's reach and adjust its height. In this way, the luminaire can be guided upwards or downwards – an apparently magical movement that appears effortlessly simple thanks to the complex technology.


Mito cosmo piano

As a radiant highlight or the perfect addition to luminaire clouds: with Mito cosmo piano, Occhio offers its iconic ring luminaire as a recessed spotlight for the very first time - whether as a warm, mysterious glowlight or a powerful, glare-free downlight - or both. With the familiar golden shimmering ring as a design element, Mito cosmo piano expands the product portfolio while also adding to the series' range of variants for lighting concepts in office areas and private spaces.


From Summer, all models will be available to order from retailers and at

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Mito cosmo piano