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Mito aura ceiling phantom living room

Mito aura – the centerpiece


Milan, September 2021

Iconic, sculptural, expressive – Mito aura floats in the center of the room. With its characteristic, ring-shaped uplight and powerful, glare-free downlight, it creates unique lighting moods. Mito aura complements the Mito series with the perfect luminaire for the central ceiling connection.

Occhio is adding a very special highlight to its award-winning Mito luminaire series: this fall, the Munich-based company is launching Mito aura, another design icon that is perfect for rooms with a central ceiling connection.

The characteristic design of Mito aura is sculptural and expressive. Yet it is the attention to detail that characterizes the luminaire's silhouette. The finely defined »cut« and the iconically shaped fork are typical features of Mito aura, and the high-quality workmanship comes into its own here. Available in two sizes and all surfaces, Mito aura plays perfectly together with the design of the respective interior design – and sets clear accents there. New is the coveted phantom surface, which elegantly convinces with its mysterious play of colors that alternates between dark brown and dark grey.

The characteristic, ring-shaped uplight and the powerful, glare-free downlight of Mito aura can be controlled separately so that unique lighting moods can be created. Due to the reflection of the uplight on the ceiling, Mito aura is particularly bright and powerfully illuminates both small and large rooms.

Mito aura inspires with the typical Occhio 'joy of use': With »color tune« for situational adjustment of the color temperature, the light can be adapted to the respective mood – from a warm light atmosphere for relaxing evening hours to stimulating cool working light – preset or controllable via Occhio air controller or Occhio air app.


Mito aura wall – simply magical

As a wall luminaire, Mito aura looks like a work of art. The ratio between direct and indirect light can be changed at any time – via Occhio air or a simple gesture directly at the luminaire head. The color temperature can also be intuitively changed via »color tune« – or it can be predefined via preset.


Mito aura at a glance:

  • Designer: Axel Meise
  • Light source: high color LED (CRI 95)


  • touchless gesture control »touchless control« for Mito aura wall (can be deactivated)
  • optional control via Occhio air app or Occhio air controller
  • »color tune« to adjust the color temperature of the light from 2700 to 4000K
  • »up/down fading« to distribute the light between uplight and downlight

Surfaces: matt white, matt black, matt silver, matt gold, rose gold, bronze, phantom

Expected to be available in stores from October 21 - visit


Mito aura Deckenleuchte modern minimalistisch
Mito aura Deckenleuchte modern minimalistisch
Mito aura ceiling phantom living room