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Gioia lettura

Gioia from Occhio – three-dimensional sculpture, new kinetic masterpiece or fascinating light machine


Milan, April 2023


With its table and reading luminaire series Gioia, Occhio opens up completely new - and once again writes design history. The combination of design and innovation is as unique as the joy of moving the luminaires almost weightlessly, directing the light with simple gestures and changing it as desired - an almost magical experience.

The reading luminiarie Gioia lettura is a true all-round talent: with its powerful ambience light, focused reading light and variable colour temperature, it creates any desired atmosphere - and surpasses anything that has been seen before.


Gioia is the redefinition of table and reading luminaires, an unprecedented combination of light, design and innovation. The characteristic head with its noble, customizable materials and the characteristic »cut« literally 'dances' on the body, it is freely movable at the same time always remaining horizontal. The complex mechanics that make this fascinating dynamic possible remain hidden from the eye; no screw, no cable is visible and disturbs the aesthetic sensation. A mechanical masterpiece.


Gioia lettura – wonder of versatility.

The floor and reading luminaire Gioia lettura offers maximum freedom in light staging. Its sculptural appearance reveals its unique flexibility only at second glance – body and head can be freely rotated. With its powerful light, light colour and intensity of Gioia lettura can be adjusted to the diverse needs and moods with simple gestures. It serves just as effortlessly as a room light with its indirect upward light as it does as an optimal reading light – with the "focus light" feature, the light can be focused for reading or working.


Gioia equilibrio – pure joy of movement.

Equilibrio means 'balance' in Italian. The table luminaire of the series is a kinetic design sculpture, created for the executive desks of this world – or the sophisticated home office. It is a piece of jewelry and a work tool at the same time. Full flexibility for ever new views. But one thing remains: perfect illumination.


Fascinating innovations for a perfect lighting experience. 

The powerful light of Gioia is intuitively switched, dimmed or directed from bottom to top directly at the luminaire head with a simple hand movement. The light color can also be adjusted by gesture – from warm, incandescent-like color temperature to stimulating, cool working light.

With the function »focus light«, the light of Gioia can be focused on a specific area; it aligns itself selectively with just one movement and is thus ideal for relaxed reading or working in the evening. Thanks to standard Occhio air bluetooth control, control via app and integration into light scenes in the room is possible.