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Gioia lettura

Gioia lettura – the magic of change


Stockholm, September 2022

The new Gioia lettura by Occhio – a sculptural appearance with almost magical functions – for unique light settings. Fascinating mobility, combined with powerful uplight and downlight, asymmetrical focus light and »color tune«, intuitively controllable via gesture: With Gioia lettura, people become the lighting designers of their living space.


A marvel of versatility

The new Gioia lettura floor and reading luminaire is a true marvel. Whether as a room or reading light, as a kinetic design sculpture or powerful lighting tool – Gioia lettura offers unprecedented possibilities for setting the stage

Its sculptural design speaks for itself, the characteristic luminaire head with its noble materials and the characteristic "cut" is unmistakably part of the iconic Mito series. The ring-shaped head truly 'dances' on the body. The arm of the luminaire can also be moved freely in any direction and its height can be playfully changed thanks to an ingenious, invisible mechanism. So the light is always exactly where it is needed.


The joy of handling with light

The powerful light of the Gioia lettura is intuitively switched, dimmed or directed from bottom to top directly at the luminaire head with a simple hand movement. The light color can also be adjusted by gesture – from warm, color temperature to stimulating cool working or reading light. With the »focus light« function, the light of Gioia lettura can be concentrated on a specific area – ideal for relaxed reading or working in the evening. Thanks to the standard Occhio air Bluetooth control, it is possible to control via app and thus to integrate the luminaire into lighting scenes in the room.


Gioia lettura at a glance:

  • Model: Gioia lettura
  • Designer: Axel Meise
  • Light source: high color LED (CRI 95)
  • »infinite move« ­– free movement
  • »focus light« – function for focussed light
  • »touchless control« – touchless control
  • »color tune« for adjusting the color temperature of the light between 2700K and 4000K
  • »up/down fading« for distributing the light between the up- and downlight and the dimming function
  • Control with Occhio air app or Occhio air controller
  • Gioia lettura is available in all Occhio surfaces

All models can now be ordered here.


Stehleuchte Gioia lettura phantom Klobudden
Stehleuchte phantom
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