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Occhio_London flaghsip store

Occhio turns on the lights in London


London, May 2023


Kensington & Chelsea, one of London's most elegant districts, now boast another spectacular attraction: next to the iconic Michelin House, the German luxury lighting brand Occhio has opened its new, breath-taking flagship store, the first in the UK.


The brand Occhio stands for ‘a new culture of light’. Occhio's luminaires have won numerous awards for their outstanding design and offer a unique quality of light and an incomparable ‘joy of use’. The carefully thought-out, comprehensive Occhio range means that entire buildings can be designed with lighting that meets the highest standards in design and lighting quality – and thus enrich people's quality of life.


Through its holistic approach, the European market leader has established new standards and is one of the lighting industry’s most innovative and fastest growing companies. Over recent years, Occhio has expanded from being a German design icon to an international lifestyle brand serving the luxury end of the market. With flagship stores in key international cities such as Shanghai, Milan and Berlin, Occhio is bringing the ‘culture of light’ to the people.


Perfectly situated between Chelsea and South Kensington alongside other renowned international luxury brands in the vicinity, Occhio's ‘culture of light’ is now making its way into the United Kingdom. Over 200 years ago, London was the world's first city to bring light to its streets with gas lamps – a modern technology at the time – making it the perfect backdrop for Occhio’s ‘new culture of light’.


“London is an international centre where outstanding design and innovative technologies are highly regarded and greatly valued”, says Axel Meise, Occhio's founder and designer. “The demand for quality is high, and when it comes to lifestyle, London is hard to beat! This makes it the perfect place for the 'culture of light' by Occhio. It’s also home to some of the best interior designers and architects in the world. They work with their teams on exciting national and international projects. In this respect, London is our gateway to many projects around the world.”


Carefully thought-out world of experience

The showroom’s multi-functional concept was developed with the renowned Munich based architects 1zu33. Light and design are skilfully showcased in warm, welcoming surroundings. Occhio brings its ‘culture of light’ to life – from sophisticated homes to office scenarios. Visitors are welcomed to an inviting, light-filled showroom. Illuminated product arsenals showcase the various ranges of luminaires and spotlights, inviting visitors to learn more about them through interaction. In the puristical white »light lab«, visitors experience the effects of light and lighting quality on rooms and are able to create their very own lighting atmosphere. The stylish bar and lounge area extends the perfect atmosphere to enjoy lighting and to allow the brand world to work its magic  with various zones available for personalised advice and planning. A visit to the Occhio store therefore becomes a fascinating experience for consumers, developers and professionals alike.


“Our store is not just a sales room, but rather a showroom and serves as a hub of lighting expertise for the entire region”, says Axel Meise. “Alongside private clients, Occhio retail partners as well as architects, interior designers and planners have the opportunity to experience our entire portfolio of products in action and thus witness Occhio’s ‘culture of light’ for themselves, with access to our lighting experts as well.”



Occhio store London
91-97, Fulham Road, London|  SW3 6RH
United Kingdom
Monday – Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00



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Occhio_London flaghsip store