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The culture of light reaches Norway


Oslo, October 2023

The German luxury lighting brand Occhio, together with the lighting specialists SML Lighting, is opening Norway's first Occhio store by in the historic district of Skøyen. In addition to the high-quality product design of Occhio’s intelligent lighting solutions, the focus is above all on the highest quality of light and the 'joy of use' – and thus on a new culture of light. Their new showroom offers an interactive brand and product world that turns light into an experience.


The brand Occhio stands for ‘a new culture of light’. Occhio's luminaires have won numerous awards for their outstanding design and offer a unique quality of light and an incomparable ‘joy of use’. The carefully thought-out, comprehensive Occhio range means that entire buildings can be designed with lighting that meets the highest standards in design and lighting quality – and thus enrich people's quality of life.

Through its holistic approach, the European market leader Occhio has established new standards and is one of the lighting industry’s most innovative and fastest growing companies. Over recent years, Occhio has expanded from being a German design icon to an international lifestyle brand serving the luxury end of the market. With flagship stores in key international cities such as Shanghai, Milan and Berlin, Occhio is bringing the ‘culture of light’ to the people.

Perfectly located in the design district Skøyen, nestled between renowned international brands and Scandinavian designers, Occhio's lighting culture is now making its way to Norway.


The new Occhio store offers an interactive brand and experience world with more than 180 m², which presents the product portfolio and the unique 'joy of use' of Occhio to private customers, builders and architects alike. “Visitors to the new Occhio store by SML are met by a professional team of lighting planners and advisors who take on board the customer’s personal requirements, provide competent advice and present a broad selection of practical examples for residential and commercial areas", says Kenneth Fossum, General Manager of SML Lighting.

The Occhio store by SML in Oslo is the first of its kind in Norway – a concept Occhio is implementing with a selective group of retail partners worldwide. "The new Occhio store in Norway offers a great experience as a retail space and showroom, while serving as a lighting competence hub in the region," says Axel Meise, founder and designer of Occhio. "Both private customers and architects as well as specifiers will have the opportunity to experience the complete Occhio portfolio as well as the unparalleled quality of the products and their features. Together with the team from SML, we want to inspire every visitor with the incredible possibilities of the Occhio system – and ultimately enrich people's quality of life!"


Carefully thought-out world of experience

The multi-functional concept of the showroom stages light and design in application in warm and cosy surroundings. From sophisticated homes to office scenarios, Occhio brings its culture of light to life. Visitors are welcomed to a showroom with illuminated product displays that showcase the various ranges of luminaires and spotlights, inviting visitors to learn more about them through interaction. In a pure white 'light lab', visitors experience the effects of light and lighting quality in different rooms and can create their very own lighting atmosphere. The stylish bar and lounge area extends the perfect invitation to enjoy lighting and atmosphere and to allow the Occhio brand world to work its magic with various zones available for personalised advice and planning. A visit to the Occhio store therefore becomes a fascinating experience for consumers, developers and professionals alike.


About SML

The newly founded SML Studio, including the Occhio store by SML, continues the values and philosophy defined by its sister company, SML Lighting. SML Studio focuses on exclusive lighting design, high-end products and comprehensive advice for non-commercial interior design. With the opening of the Occhio store by and the new studio, the company is keen to address private clients while SML Lighting focuses more on the B2B market.  


Occhio store by SML
Drammensveien 126
0277 Oslo

Opening times:

Mon - Fri         10:00 - 18:00

Sat                  10:00 - 16:00 

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Occhio Store by SML Luna setup
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