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MDW24 Lunanova

From new opulence to maximum purism – Occhio surprises with unique highlights



Munich/Milan, April 2024

At this year's Milan Design Week, Occhio welcomes visitors at the Occhio store on Corso Monforte with unique novelties – from new opulence to maximum purism. The star of the exhibition is Lunanova – a completely new interpretation of the chandelier.


Occhio's design philosophy has always been characterized by purism. With the new luminaire series Luna, Occhio has now deliberately opened a new chapter – the result: a significantly more emotional design stylistic, of course without compromising on the unique quality of light and magical control.


The highlight Lunanova shows what is possible in this area – the opulence of chandeliers is reinterpreted in the truest of senses. Lunanova combines spectacular design with innovative technology: dark chrome mirrored Luna glass spheres in various sizes are arranged concentrically on a mirrored disk. The Occhio fireball float inside the spheres, providing powerful, directed light. And it wouldn't be an Occhio chandelier if Lunanova didn't offer fascinating control possibilities for magical lighting effects that go far beyond anything seen before.

Available in three different dimensions and both ceiling-mounted and suspended, Lunanova unfolds its power as a centerpiece in high, prestigious rooms – a true interactive art installation.


Luna: light from another world

The Luna series, which has been launched early 2024, is the highlight of this year's exhibition. The symbiosis of classic shapes, new stylish surfaces, surprising lighting effects and state- of-the-art technology is unprecedented. Luna opens up completely new areas of applications – and lets everyone immediately fall in love. With Occhio fireball, Occhio even has invented a new light source: The frosted glass sphere provides soft, directional light and even fascinates experts.


Coro and Coro moon – maximum purism

Coro completes the product portfolio with smaller, very slim pendant luminaires as well as highly sophisticated recessed and surface-mounted spotlights. Coro luminaires and spot lights have zoom optics for perfect lighting effects. All of Occhio's features and virtues are present in this new, unique series, from "touchless control" to Occhio air and "color tune". Combined with the Occhio fireball technology, it becomes Coro moon. The light can be directed in all directions without even changing the position of the sphere – simply fascinating. As a cloud in various sizes or as a new 'spider cloud', Coro and Coro moon pendant luminaires transform into unique light installations above tables and in rooms. It is a unique experience to change their brightness and light color orchestrated by gesture or at the touch of a button.


With these new products, Occhio is expanding its range of applications even further. The holistic lighting solutions offer unique lighting design options - for every situation and all areas of life. With light from Occhio, rooms unfold their full vitality and become living spaces that awaken emotions. Occhio stands for a new culture of light that enriches people's lives and enhances their quality of life.


MDW24 Lunanova
Luna sospeso
Luna Series
MDW24 Coro spider cloud