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Luna sospeso

Inspired by the moon


Munich, October 2023

Luna – at first glance it may appear as sensual and mysterious as the moon, but a closer look reveals a lighting technology masterpiece. This synthesis of classical shapes, new stylish finishes, surprising lighting effects and state-of-the-art technology is unparalleled. The Luna glass luminaire series opens up completely new areas of use and is already inspiring the world of design.


Shimmering with sensuality and mystery, Luna transforms a space into a place of beauty and light. The revolutionary Occhio 'fireball' light source floats almost magically, like a heavenly body, in the partially mirrored glass sphere, creating a soft, directed light that is at once powerful and glare-free. Luna combines classical design with innovative technology from Occhio, taking the light experience to a whole new level.


Luna creates unique lighting ambiences that can be changed at any time. An intuitive gesture or the Occhio air app is all that's needed to switch Luna on and off, dim the light or change the color temperature. From an inviting warm light to a stimulating cool light, the luminaires can create many very different, impressive lighting moods.


Luna combines the classical and modern in a fascinating look: metal appears to pour over glass. Metal becomes glass, glass becomes metal. With the new, high-gloss finishes in dark chrome and phantom, Luna reflects the trends in interior design.


Luna rarely appears alone – its playful powers really come into their own as part of a group. Its various sizes allow the formation of creative arrangements and clouds. With Luna, there are no limits when it comes to lighting design!


“Luna is like from another world. Its classic shape, coupled with its stylish finishes, the magical lighting effects and its playful potential uses instantly draw people under its spell”, says Axel Meise, founder and designer at Occhio.


With the new, comprehensive glass lighting series comprising wall, ceiling, table and suspended luminaires, Occhio makes a style statement. Each of the luminaires in the series is a unique creation in its own right and has its own unique character to match. Unveiled for the first time in spring 2023 at Milan Design Week, Luna is available in selected specialist and furnishing retailers since October 2023. 


Luna sospeso

Luna sospeso pendant lights are available in three sizes. They can be grouped individually or configured as a cloud solution with three or five lights for round and elongated tables. Luna sospeso creates an inviting atmosphere in any room and at the same time makes a stylish statement. Behind the magical appearance of the pendant luminaire lies a masterpiece of lighting technology: thanks to the revolutionary Occhio fireball light source, it produces soft, directed light that is both powerful and glare-free.


Luna parete

The Luna parete wall light transforms walls into works of art and conjures up a warm, comforting ambience with its fascinating appearance and soft light. The bottom of the Luna parete glass sphere is mirrored to reflect the light of the Occhio fireball upwards onto the wall and ceiling. Both the surface and housing of the glass sphere are coated in an elaborate physical vapour deposition (PVD) process, which gives the patented Occhio fireball the appearance of a rising moon that illuminates its surroundings with gentle, harmonious light.


Luna scura

For the Luna scura wall light, the Occhio fireball appears to float in the mirrored sphere. Whether displayed individually or in a group, Luna scura illuminates the wall with a magical glow. Here, Occhio’s fireball creates radiance that can be changed at any time using Occhio’s touch-free gesture control technology.


Luna piena

For the ceiling, Luna piena offers a timeless beauty with powerful radiance. Luna piena combines a classic design with innovative Occhio technology that allows you to adjust the colour temperature and luminous intensity at any time via Occhio air app or Occhio controller. 


Luna basso

The bottom of the Luna basso table luminaire's glass sphere is mirrored to gently reflect the light upwards to create a unique and fascinating lighting ambience. Thanks to the innovative »touchless control« feature, the luminaire's brightness and colour temperature can be easily controlled using sensors on the base. With a gentle gesture or via Occhio air, the luminous intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted to suit every occasion. Thus, Luna basso creates a unique ambience that can be tailored flexibly and individually to the mood.


Luna sogno

The Occhio fireball light source floats centrally in the mirrored glass sphere of the Luna sogno table luminaire and is bursting with magic. The upper half of the glass sphere bears an exquisite coating, allowing the light to flow gently downwards. Sensors enable Luna sogno to be switched on or off and dimmed via gesture control or Occhio air. In this way, the colour temperature can also be changed from pleasantly warm to a stimulating, cool light to create the ideal lighting ambience.


Luna sospeso
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