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Außenansicht Haus Svärdsö

Perfect lighting scenes for every season: Occhio provides cosy brightness in the Svärdsö house in the archipelago


Munich, March 2023:


On one of the many small islands in the Stockholm archipelago stands a house that offers the perfect light situation for every season. The large windows let in a lot of sunlight from outside and connect the nature of the surroundings with the interior. In the dark Nordic winter, the various luminaires from Occhio replace the daylight. This creates an atmosphere that makes the house a cozy home at all times.


Theresa Höghammar and Dennis Lundell had long dreamed of a summer house in the Stockholm archipelago. When they finally found the right property, it became their year-round home. The house's large windows aren't exactly a tradition in Sweden - but they make the residents feel like they're outside, even when they're sitting in the living room. Thanks to natural materials, as well as the colortemperature of the light, the house blends seamlessly into the landscape. The reduced desgin of the luminaires in black and white matt harmonizes perfectly with the Scandinavian grounded interior of the house. "The lighting design actually started even before the house was planned. We had already lived here for two years before the new house was built and spent a lot of time understanding the sun, the wind and the different temperatures. The location, the windows and the lighting system were planned very carefully," recalls Dennis Lundell about the creation of the house.


When winter comes and there is little daylight in the north, the individually set up different light scenes of the Occhio luminaires in the house replace the natural light. In the smart home system, they are linked to the settings of the rest of the furnishings, such as the curtains and blinds - and adapt perfectly to the prevailing daylight. When the natural light fades, the luminaires in the house create a homey warmth and presence. For example, the Sento verticale wall lights in white matte above the sofa cast interesting patterns on the living room wall, creating a pleasant atmosphere. "Our winter here is very dark, on some days you only have one or two hours of daylight. So to make the house feel like home, artificial light is particularly important," Theresa Höghammer emphasizes the importance of a homely lighting atmosphere.


Not only in the Scandinavian dark winter Mito raggio in gold matt and Mito largo in phantom stage other living areas with an individualizable lighting experience, where the luminaires can also be conveniently adapted to the needs here by gesture or the smart home system and produce small light islands of peace and comfort.


Two Sento sospeso in white matt float above the spacious dining table and perfectly complement the purist interior of oak wood and natural colors, allowing the architecture, tones and textures to shine. The pendant luminaires are height-adjustable according to the situation and enable a wide variety of lighting scenarios of uplight and downlight via gesture control. Even the youngest children appreciate this: "When we moved into the house, I showed our two daughters - then six and eight years old - how the gesture control of the luminaires worked," recalls Dennis Lundell. "They used to climb up on the dining room table afterward and spend minutes adjusting the lights. It was great to see how playfully and intuitively they controlled the light."


In the kitchen, a Mito volo in white matt above the kitchen unit completes the perfect lighting design of the house. The pendant luminaire with its straightforward, unmistakable design and maximum functionality is the logical further development of the iconic luminaire family Mito. It can be individually adjusted in height according to desire and occasion and is also easily controlled in brightness and color temperature by gesture.


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