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Shining light in leafy dress: Office Building Kö-Bogen II


Munich, March 2023:


Shining light in leafy dress: The Kö-Bogen II office building in Düsseldorf wraps its elf in fresh foliage - what inspires in rich green during the day fascinates after sunset with light by Occhio as a contrast between light and dark.


Light means orientation, radiance, character: With a customized lighting concept for the Gerchgroup AG headquarters, Occhio is giving the new landmark of Düsseldorf's city center - the Kö-Bogen II - a striking, unmistakable silhouette. Floors 3 and 4, designed according to the latest New Work standards, feature a successful mix of work areas, areas of retreat as well as attractive places for informal stays such as the marketplace and roof terrace. In this way, the working landscape offers an inviting variety of options that reflect people's individuality. And yet there is a common thread that ties the nuances and differences together like a unifying bracket: Occhio's orchestrated lighting concept, which makes the building radiate from within.


Luminous shimmer between green horizons: Occhio gives the architecture a characteristic silhouett

The lively envelope stands in clear contrast to the clearly structured interior of the imposing office and commercial building, where light plays an emotional role. Accompanying as ambient lighting and accentuating with representative luminaires, Occhio lends the various zones and work areas of the Gerchgroup AG a soft, homely component, which has an appealingly inviting quality of stay. Nevertheless, the lighting concept remains impressively well thoughtout and uncompromisingly functional. Combining all of this is a testament to exceptional design and technical quality.


From intimate to individual

Continuity and flexibility are two particular strengths of the lighting concept: The Più luminaire series offers various solutions and, with its system of ceiling, recessed, track and room spotlights, enables a holistic lighting design for both residential and, in particular, office areas. With continuous track and grouped track spotlights, the corridors of the office areas receive a restrained basic lighting. The black matte spotlights create a vertical brightness in the office, which provides a pleasant working atmosphere. The flexible Più alto surface- mounted LED spotlight offers almost limitless application possibilities: It features the groundbreaking 230V VOLT light engine and is equipped with "perfect color" LEDs for best color rendering.


The art of fluid transitions

One concept, one system, but never the same: different settings require different frameworks, sometimes in complete contrast to each other. Open space layouts with workstations require different lighting than cozy meeting points with seating islands, phone boxes, creative zones or meeting rooms. For example, Gerchgroup AG's Boardroom, an exclusive meeting space, was equipped with luminaires from the Mito linear series, which can be used to set an occasion-specific light temperature. The range of lighting extends from activating cool to inviting warm. At the workstations themselves, individual lighting scenarios can be designed with mobile floor-standing luminaires equipped with daylight and presence sensors.


Creating special moments

With io sospeso, staging with light goes to the next level: The open lounge area invites you to linger - accentuated in the right places and in an intense interplay with the furnishing concept, which merges with the light to form a harmonious whole. The luminaires present themselves perfectly, but without stealing the show from the interior. The fascinating magic that emanates from this harmonious style world culminates in a completely new experience in dealing with light, which the io luminaire series offers the user with its unique detailed solutions. The rotating LED pendant luminaire io sospeso can - like the Mito sospeso - be switched and dimmed by a simple gesture thanks to "touchless control" and is therefore perfect for use above tables and counters, correspondingly in the lounge area of the Gerchgroup AG. So it is the touchlessness that touches here.


Sophistication wrapped in technology

The quality of a space is not just about experiencing light, it's about acting intuitively - spontaneously, situationally, confidently. Occhio's complete portfolio is designed to enhance the lighting experience to perfection. A key element of this is the Bluetooth-based lighting control Occhio air. Switching, dimming, "fading" or entire lighting scenarios and groups: All lights can be operated via Occhio air app or Occhio air controller. At Gerchgroup AG, the entire lighting of the office space can thus be operated centrally and almost playfully via Bluetooth and adjusted individually. Space and its in-between Light remains in flow - always and everywhere. There is no need to overcome boundaries, because they do not even arise, especially for Occhio: "joy of use" - completely without limits.



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