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Coro moon und Coro Hero

Magic of the moon meets modern minimalism

Coro and Coro moon push the boundaries of design and combine the inspiring beauty of nature with the clear form of minimalism. With its fascinating, directed light, the Occhio fireball opens up a whole new world.
coro moon color tune

Pendant luminaire_Coro sospeso clowd

Coro moon – The magic of the moon

MDW Coro moon sospeso

A source of light and a source of fascination

Thank you nature for being such an inspiration: From the cool glow of the moon to warmer atmosphere, everything is in flux here thanks to Occhio fireball and its adaptable color temperature. True magic. Let the magic unfold – like the rise and setting of the moon. Coro moon can change atmosphere as if by magic. Sensors on the luminaire head let you be the conductor of the atmosphere.

Discover the variety of Coro moon

Coro moon Occhio

Coro moon sospeso

Suspended luminaires
Coro alto v moon MDW

Coro moon alto

Surface-mounted spotlights
Coro piano moon MDW

Coro moon piano

Recessed spotlights

Coro – Minimalism redefined

MDW Coro sospeso

A versatile lighting tool

The purist design of Coro complements the most diverse interior styles. It is so slim that you wonder how we accommodated it all – from »touchless control« and »color tune« to zoom optic. The surface as well as the lighting effect of the luminaires speak for themselves and create an eye catcher for all purposes.

Coro Spider Cloud

Coro spider cloud – between luminaires and art installation: Coro spider gives table situations an incomparable appeal – and fascinates with orchestrated lighting effects.

Discover the variety of Coro

Coro cloud single

Coro sospeso

Suspended luminaires
Coro alto MDW

Coro alto

Surface-mounted spotlights
Coro piano MDW

Coro piano

Recessed spotlights
Milan Design Week Lunanova

Occhio presents Lunanova

Experience the world novelty Luna in a completely new form and all its fascinating variety.

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