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Occhio acoustic

More light, less sound

Occhio acoustic panels for Mito and Mito linear made of high-density polyester fleece do not only provide effective acoustic damping – they offer new possibilities for ceiling design, both as a homogeneous visual plane for the room and as an additional reflection surface.
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Acoustic Pendelleuchte Mito sospeso Mito soffitto silber matt Projekt

A second level for the room

The round and rectangular formats of Occhio acoustics are available for mounting on the ceiling or suspended. Especially in the case of uneven ceiling appearance or raw ceilings, they can be used to visually realize a second, homogeneous level – completely without a suspended ceiling.

Professionals_Occhio acoustic_Zusätzliche Reflektionsfläche

Additional reflective surface

With their highly reflective fabric covering, the Occhio acoustic panels create additional reflective surface for the uplight of the pendant luminaires Mito sospeso and Mito volo. The enhanced indirect lighting gives the room a pleasant light.

Sound absorption

Occhio acoustic luminaires provide additional sound absorption, which significantly reduces the reverberation time in the room – and improves the room acoustics remarkably. They are available with and without any luminaire.

Professionals_Occhio acoustic_Mito alto quer
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