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Mito cosmo

A galaxy full of possibilities

Spacious glow, downlight, ceiling luminaire, floating cloud, perfect table illumination – Mito cosmo move offers all this in one luminaire. It’s a jaw dropping experience when the Mito rings appear and finish their impressive choreography in different spatial arrangements – just by a tip of your finger or a magical gesture.

Next level of lighting control – thanks to electrical height adjustment, Mito cosmo move has several functions in one. The resulting light scenes and arrangement options offer limitless freedom in the design of interiors – driven by the individual needs of the user.

The electric height adjustment »magic move« changes the position of the luminaire as if by magic. Sensational comfort – and a spectacular show!

One luminaire – infinite variety

Recessed luminaire_Mito cosmo piano


Create a mysterious atmosphere with glowlight: the perfectly shaped Mito ring integrates seamlessly into the ceiling and creates a warm, indirect glow when the light is directed upwards.

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Recessed luminaire_Mito cosmo piano clowd

Mito cosmo piano completes the cosmo universe. As a recessed luminaire, it offers both warm, mysterious glowlight and a powerful, glare-free downlight – or both. A new category!

Mito cosmo piano

The circular reflector of Mito cosmo piano is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and accomodates the elaborated Mito ring with its two light sources.