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Occhio air plus

The smart extension of intuitive lighting control

Occhio air plus gives the Bluetooth-based Occhio air lighting control even smarter functionality: it's never been easier to get your room or whole building illuminated in just the way you like it, thanks to motion detectors, lighting automation and the remote control of entire networks. Professional applications may come top of mind for features like this. Don't forget, though, that they can also optimise your in-home lighting.

Let there be light, whatever the distance: remote control with Occhio air plus

Light transforms a house into a home and magically draws us in. Occhio reinforces this feeling with the remote feature: it allows luminaires to be controlled remotely with Occhio air. An in-situ gateway transmits the control commands to the local network.

Occhio air plus remote

Light that controls itself as if by magic: sensoric lighting automation

Luminaires turned on and off by movement, and colour temperature and luminous intensity tailored to the time of day: motion detectors with presence and brightness sensors allow the automated control of luminaires. Depending on the time of day and ambient brightness, the color temperature and luminous intensity are automatically adjusted over the course of the day. Luminaires are switched on and off depending on whether the sensors detect motion.

Bringing lighting and biorhythm in line can boost well-being and focus, to name but two advantages. The motion detectors are available as a battery-powered cube for placement anywhere in the room, as a built-in version with a battery or a 230-volt connection and as a track version for a 3-phase track.

Complex lighting systems made easy: DALI-compatible connection

All luminaires with Occhio air can also be integrated very conveniently into existing DALI networks via the DALI gateway for Occhio air and controlled via DALI. The »air« module, meanwhile, allows DALI to incorporate DALI-dimmable luminaires or power supply units into Occhio air networks. Two solutions for unlimited compatibility and a wide range of applications.

More about the KNX/DALI integration
Occhio air plus Lichtsteuerung DALI
DALI gateway for Occhio air
Occhio air plus Lichtsteuerung DALI
DALI »air« module

Switching on and off in the classic manner: push button modules integrate light switches

Despite the myriad modern controls for turning luminaires on and off, the light switch remains a classic. Push button modules allow existing light switches to be integrated into Occhio air networks. Both the single push button module and the quadruple push button module can be combined with any switch series. This allows you to control luminaires and retrieve lighting scenes just as you've always done. The magic of Occhio, captured in a light switch.

Occhio air plus Lichtsteuerung