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Stehleuchte Mito largo lusso scuro Wohnzimmer

Edizione Lusso – Mito in its most exclusive form

Stockholm, February 2022

Occhio world novelty: Edizione Lusso – the exclusive edition of the successful Mito series with curated materials such as finest ascot leather, precious marble and selected surfaces. Edizione Lusso is available in different style worlds across the entire Mito family and appeals to people who do not compromise on the exclusivity of interior design.

The successful Mito luminaire series from Occhio is unparalleled: outstanding design, highest lighting quality and the Occhio characteristic 'joy of use'. Presented at the Milano Design Week for the first time, Occhio launches Edizione Lusso – the luxury edition of the Mito series. Exquisite materials such as finest Ascot leather, selected marble and noble surfaces such as the new black phantom determine the exclusive appearance of this new edition and position Occhio strongly in the luxury segment. Edizione Lusso is available in six curated style worlds – the various materials can also be freely combined and selected.

The arc luminaires Mito raggio and Mito largo represent exclusivity at the highest level. As Edizione Lusso, they inspire with their refined grandeur with carefully selected and hand-picked materials that form a harmonious unit and expressively complement trends in interior design. Mito raggio and Mito largo are available in three style worlds:

vivo – combines green Guatemala marble, exquisite grey leather and the mystically iridescent surface phantom to create exquisite elegance.

caldo – the elegant harmony of brown Emperador marble, finest brown leather and phantom for the head.

scuro – the striking interplay of black Marquina marble, non-slip black leather and the new expressive surface black phantom.

In addition, the pendant and ceiling luminaires Mito sospeso, Mito soffitto and the new Mito aura are available in a total of six different material worlds. In addition to vivo, caldo and scuro, combinations with light surfaces such as matt white, matt gold and white leather are available here, as well as the expressive interplay of the rose gold surface with matt grey leather. All materials used are natural products and are processed and selected in elaborate procedures to ensure the highest possible quality.

All Mito models of the Edizione Lusso inspire with the typical Occhio 'joy of use': With »color tune« for situational adjustment of the color temperature, the light can be adapted to the respective mood – from a warm light atmosphere for relaxed evening hours to stimulating cool working light – by gesture or by Occhio air controller or Occhio air app. Uplight and downlight of Mito (except Mito soffitto) are separately controllable so that unique lighting moods can be created.

Edizione Lusso at a glance:

  • Designer: Axel Meise
  • Light source: high color LED (CRI95)


  • touchless gesture control »touchless control« on all Mito models except Mito soffitto and Mito aura for the ceiling (can be deactivated)
  • optional control via Occhio air app or Occhio air controller
  • »color tune« to adjust the color temperature of the light from 2700 to 4000K
  • »up/down fading« to distribute the light between uplight and downlight on all models except Mito soffitto


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Stehleuchte Mito largo lusso scuro Wohnzimmer
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Mito raggio lusso caldo
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