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Light in the bathroom

Turning bathrooms into oases of well-being

In the bathroom, we focus on our well-being and appearance more than in any other room. In bathrooms, the lighting has very specific tasks to fulfil. A particularly good quality of light and an optimised colour rendering index (CRI) are crucial.
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The ideal ceiling lighting

In bathrooms, creating background lighting with a high quality of light is particularly important. Ideally, the architectural features of the room will be factored in, with a choice of recessed or surface-mounted lights depending on the ceiling.

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Mirror lighting

Mirror lighting in particular needs to be highly versatile: make-up, for example, is best applied in warm, soft lighting that avoids creating sharp lines and shadows. For shaving, cool lighting is better, and mirror lighting should of course be flattering too.

Mito sfera su illuminates the face evenly without creating any glare. The colour temperature of the light from the luminaire mounted on the mirror can also be adjusted – to create warm or cool tones to suit the situation.

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Bathrooms without natural light

An internal bathroom can instantly be transformed into a place of sensory well-being with a clever and tasteful lighting concept. Skilful lighting design works on three levels here: it takes account of the ideal background illumination, the features of individual luminaires (such as mirror luminaires) and also the decorative elements.

When the luminaires can also be controlled intuitively, the ambience and appearance of the bathroom can be adapted perfectly to your personal needs.