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Kö-Bogen II

Light figure in a leafy dress

Light means orientation, radiance, character: with a tailor-made lighting concept, Occhio gives the new landmark in Düsseldorf's city centre a striking, unmistakable silhouette. Floors 3 and 4, designed according to the latest new work standards, feature a successful mix of work and retreat areas as well as attractive places to spend time informally, such as the marketplace and roof terrace. And yet there is a common thread: The orchestrated lighting concept by Occhio, which makes the building shine from within.

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Occhio_Gerch Group

Not only the ambient lighting, but above all the prestigious luminaires make the building and new centre of Düsseldorf shine. A lighting concept that inspires - in terms of design, function and technology.

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Welcome to the heart of Düsseldorf

Representative luminaires welcome employees and visitors to GERCH. As soon as you enter the office space, your eyes are drawn to the ceiling with its industrial character. The reception area is surrounded by several Mito sospeso luminaires, which set the scene perfectly and radiate a modern aura.

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Light in the river

With continuous tracks and grouped track spotlights, the corridors of the office areas receive a discreet ambient lighting. The spotlights create a vertical brightness in the office that ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. Spotlights from the Più alto series in matt black were chosen for the lighting.

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Intimacy where it is needed

As a contrast to the open office spaces, smaller seating areas as well as telephone boxes and meeting rooms are bathed in more intimate light. The boardroom, a particularly exclusive meeting room, is illuminated by luminaires from the Mito linear series. Here, the light can be set cooler and activating or warmer and more inviting, depending on the situation. The light can be directed between 2700 and 4000 Kelvin via gesture control or Occhio air.

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Occhio_Pendant lamp_Io sospeso_Gerch Group

A place of encounter

In interaction with the furnishing concept, the luminaires present themselves from their most beautiful side. They accentuate the tasteful interior and, in close relation to the room design, ensure harmony that can be experienced. The luminaires emphasise the different areas in the respective use. With the use of three io sospeso luminaires, the open lounge area receives a brightly beautiful addition.

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Technically perfect

The Occhio air application enables the entire lighting of the office space to be operated centrally via Bluetooth and thus be individually adjustable. Intuitive control of the luminaires can be done via smartphone, tablet or controller. This creates individual lighting situations at the touch of a button. All luminaires also function as sensors for the ventilation technology.

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Kö-Bogen II

Year of construction: 2022
Building owner: Düsseldorf Schadowstraße Kö-Bogen II Vermögensverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG
Architectural office: archwerk GmbH
Lighting design: Occhio
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito volo, Mito volo, Più alto, io sospeso
Photography: Laura Thiesbrummel

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