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Occhio Büro München Räume Leuchten modern rund

Occhio Executive Office

A warm welcome

The culture of Occhio is an open one – in terms of ideas, but also in terms of space. Transparency, access, and closeness play a major role. And yet some everyday business tasks require discretion. The functional redesign of the executive office was a creative process intended to unite function and emotion as well as innovation and tradition under one roof. In other words, everything it takes to let the self-image of a brand like Occhio shine.
CEO-Office Mito cosmo

Inner circle

Living up to one's expectations is considered the highest of all hurdles, even at Occhio. The company consciously faces up to the questions and challenges that its standards entail. But it also takes the same care with those that have long been established. The aim was to preserve what already exists and at the same time create space for something new. To shape the company's future – in the literal sense.

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Stories_CEO-Office Mito cosmo move

A warm welcome

The reduction to the essentials in combination with the use of the finest, carefully selected materials creates a cosy atmosphere and makes every guest feel welcome. The new Executive Office was not created from scratch but had a history and structure. The pillars of this history will continue to support the future. Today, they support the customised table tops, which provide peace and warmth while keeping the technology discreetly at hand. The entrance is staged by Mito cosmo move, which choreographs the entrance to the heart of Occhio in a unique and unforgettable way.

CEO-Office Mito cosmo detail

Inner Glow

Mito cosmo move adapts to individual needs with flexible control. With a touch of the app or a magical gesture, the floating light cloud transforms from a futuristic glow in the ceiling to a cosy downlight, functional room light, or perfect table lighting. At Occhio, Mito cosmo move ushers in the evening after a busy day and shows, visible and accessible from the outside, what is being created inside: the culture of light.

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‘Our strength lies in highly individualised architecture – in listening and, in empathising and taking a back seat stylistically during the development of a project. The Executive Office fills us with pride. Because it tells its own story and reflects the culture of the Occhio brand – holistic, unique and well thought out.’
Sebastian Schützdeller, architect and founder of mirror.
CEO-Office Mito volo

A clear line

At the large conference table, the radical straight lines of Mito volo deliberately reflect an attitude. Sophisticated and well thought-out down to the smallest detail, it bathes every situation in the perfect light with touchless gesture control, variable light color, and infinitely variable height adjustment. The lui spotlight skilfully completes the effect with vertical accents.

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CEO-Office Mito aura wall

The art of making an impact

The Mito aura wall light in the board room is a work of art and a signature piece. Iconic, sculptural, and expressive, it replaces the painting on the wall and fascinates with its effect – even when it is not lit.

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Occhio Headquarter München von aussen

culture of light

We have been fascinated by the idea of perfect light for 25 years. Light is an elementary part of our lives; we use light to create living and working spaces, to create mood and atmosphere. Bringing this fascination to life is in our DNA. We externalise what is made on the inside. We also understand this as holistic concept.

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Occhio Executive Office, Munich

Year of realisation: 2022
Interior design: mirror.
Lighting design: Occhio
Luminaires: Mito cosmo move, Mito volo, Mito aura wall, Mito aura, Mito raggio lusso, Sento verticale, Più alto, lui alto track
Images: Robert Rieger

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