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Außenansicht Haus Svärdsö

Svärdsö House

Light on the archipelago

On one of the many small islands in the Stockholm archipelago stands a house that offers the perfect lighting mood for every season. The large windows admit lots of sunlight from outside and bring the surrounding nature into the interior. In the dark Nordic winter, the various lighting scenes provided by the luminaires from Occhio replace the daylight. The result is an ambience that makes the house a true home.
Stories Haus Svärdsö_Stehleuchte_Mito largo

The combination of interior and exterior

The house's large windows give its inhabitants the feeling of being outdoor. With its natural materials and bright colors, the house blends in seamlessly with the landscape. The minimalist design of the luminaires harmonises perfectly with the Scandinavian-inspired interior design.

Stehleuchte Mito largo lusso caldo Wohnzimmer
Wandleuchte Sento verticale weiß Haus Svärdsö
Sento sospeso Pendelleuchte modern
Pendelleuchte Mito volo weiß matt Küche
Mito aura Deckenleuchte modern minimalistisch
Sento sospeso Pendelleuchte modern

Puristic elegance

Two Sento sospeso luminaires in matt white float above the large dining table, complementing the puristic interior of oak wood and natural colors and making the architecture, tones and textures of the interior shine. The suspended luminaires are height adjustable and, thanks to gesture control, allow all kinds of lighting scenes to be created with uplighting and downlighting.

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Interview with Theresa Höghammar and Dennis Lundell – Aloud

Theresa Höghammar and Dennis Lundell bring smart home technology into harmony with the interior design with Aloud. In 2021, they opened the first Occhio store in Stockholm. Theresa and Dennis had spent a long time searching for a house in Sweden before they came across the old 1970s property. Many experts advised them to tear the building down and build a new one, but the pair instead set up a project of their very own.
Außenansicht Haus Svärdsö People

With Aloud, you help customers to create smart homes without having to compromise in terms of interior design. What dreams did you have for your own house?

Theresa Höghammar: We wanted a house that's connected to nature. The wind, the sea, the island, everything is wild and unspoilt.

Dennis Lundell: But we installed everything that we enjoy, of course. Audio systems, concealed TVs, a security system and a sophisticated lighting system. Everything is connected. Everything can be switched off with just one button and the house can reintegrate with nature. It's all there, it's just that you can't see it.

Why is it so important that the technology is invisible?

Dennis Lundell: The aim is always to create a fantastic space that you really want to live in. The architects and the interior designers do their work, and then we come along and take everything to the next level. The lighting design, for example, highlights the colors and textures, and then we add more, such as harmonious acoustics.

Theresa Höghammar: Walking into a room where the lighting and the acoustics are perfectly coordinated is a truly special experience. In Sweden, we need artificial light because it's dark for many months of the year. So we want the technology, but not the cables. We hide them away so that the senses can relax.

Svärdsö House

Year of completion: 2020
Client: Theresa Höghammar & Dennis Lundell
Architecture: Trigueros Architecture
Interior architecture: Lotta Agaton Interiors
Lighting design: Aloud
Luminaires: Mito raggio, Mito volo, Sento sospeso, Sento verticale, io tavolo
Photos: Laura Thiesbrummel & Mikael Lundbad

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