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Occhio air Apple Watch App Licht steuern

Occhio air tutorial – Configure Apple Watch & Sites

Discover the expert functions of Occhio air and see our video tutorials on using Occhio air with the Apple Watch or setting up and controlling various locations, called sites.

Use Occhio air via Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch you can switch and dim all luminaires at once or call up a scene and dim it (it is not possible to control individual luminaires or groups). Download the Occhio air app in the Watch app to the Apple Watch. You can now find the app icon in the app overview and can control luminaires accordingly.

Manage networks & multiple locations – via sites

With the "Sites" function, you can set up several sites in the app (e. g. office, home, etc.) and / or clearly arrange different networks of a site on one page in the app (e. g. kitchen, living room, etc.) This way, you can easily and quickly jump back and forth between networks or create scenes across networks.

Configure sites

Activate the "Site" feature under "More / App settings" to display and control different networks (e. g. kitchen, living room, etc.) under a site - a location such as your home, the office, etc. Go to "More / Change site" to create a new site. Luminaires from all networks of a site can be added to a scene.