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Pendelleuchte Mito sospeso Esstisch

A Day of Light

Not far from Stockholm, the villa is located right next to the sea. Its open glass fronts allow daylight to stream through the open spaces. When the sun has set or, in the Nordic winter, when it never really rises, the house itself becomes the focus of light and special moments.

The lighting by Occhio distribute itself like small artificial suns in the house, replacing daylight almost to perfection.
Mito volo Küche

Start your day bright

Good light brightens up the start of the day. The right lighting can help to improve your mood, boost your energy levels and even activate cognitive performance. In the morning, Occhio lights help you feel more awake and ready for the day.

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Occhio Tischleuchte Gioia Office

Brightness where you want it

Light stimulates and creates focus. During work you need full concentration and light from Occhio creates the perfect conditions for this. Gioia equilibrio on the table ensures with its infinite mobility that the light is always where the thoughts are focused.

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Stehleuchte Mito largo lusso

A second sunrise for your home

When the sun sets outside Occhio illuminates your living space and gives you the power to enjoy the evening. The uncomplicated controls of Occhio allow easy adaptation to any situation, so you can end the evening in peace and serenity.

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Sento letto Wandleuchte Gestensteuerung

Glorious brightness for your morning

Sun means life. Occhio means quality of life. Occhio light comes extremely close to the light of the sun. It is the benchmark for our demand for light quality. Colors are rendered as nuanced and deep as in nature. And the day starts well.

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Mito sospeso Esstisch

A cozy get-together with atmosphere

Coming together is celebrated at the dining table. Whether on a date night with our partner or with friends on a lively evening – with warm light from Occhio you create a the perfect cozy atmosphere for being together.

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Sento verticale inserts

Create a new ambiance for your home

Whether you prefer colorful party lights or elegant luminaires, a change of lighting can help set the tone for a fun and memorable evening. With Occhio's inserts, you can create the right mood for a party in your home in seconds.

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Mito volo Pendelleuchte Küche modern minimalistisch
Stehleuchte Mito largo lusso scuro Wohnzimmer
Sento verticale Wandleuchte modern
Pendelleuchte Mito sospeso
Gioia lettura Stehleuchte Leseleuchte
Sento letto Wandleuchte Schlafzimmer

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