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Occhio air

Conveniently operate light via the app or controller

From home to office, the light with which we surround ourselves should be as rich and varied as our lives themselves. With Occhio air, you can dim your luminaires to match the situation and mood, change the color temperature from cool to warm and fade the light from up to down. But you can also combine all your lighting into groups and scenes. And store them, retrieve them and direct them all together – without even getting up. Smart lighting that needs nothing more than a tap in the app or on the controller.

Lighting as an ensemble: configuring groups and scenes

The Bluetooth-based technology allows luminaires to be combined into individual groups and personalised light settings to be easily stored. Having a variety of lighting ambiences for different times of day and situations improves our quality of life: there is the perfect lighting scene for a fresh start to the day – and another for a relaxed dinner with good friends. Both are just a tap away: Occhio air allows you to store lighting scenes that you have created and retrieve them at any time with the Occhio air app or the Occhio air controller.

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Mood Controller
Mood Controller
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Occhio air controller Licht steuern

Occhio air controller: four push buttons, countless options

Luminaires from Occhio can also be controlled without the app. It was with this in mind that we developed our Occhio air controller. Whether you find a permanent place on the wall for this smart gadget or use it as a mobile unit, its operation is as customisable as it is intuitive. The controller's four programmable push buttons can be assigned as desired – to control individual luminaires, groups and scenes or to control the lighting throughout the building.

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The Occhio air app: smart lighting for smart devices

With the Occhio air app, you can also operate your luminaires via your smartphone or tablet. Control individual luminaires or operate your defined lighting groups in perfect synchrony. You can store the customised lighting scenes you have created and retrieve or change them to your liking any time at the touch of a button.

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Integrated ease of use and retrofittable technology

For maximum ease of use, Occhio air can optionally be integrated directly into luminaires of the Mito, Gioia, Taglio and Sento series. For other ceiling, wall and suspended luminaires from Occhio, add-on modules and built-in adapters are available that allow Occhio air to be retrofitted at any time.

Learn how to set up Occhio air

Occhio air

In our tutorial we will show you how to set up your Occhio air network when you start the app for the first time, how to add further networks and how to control luminaires in a smart and touchless way via the Occhio air app and the controller.

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