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Design Offices Munich

A beacon over the city

At the hub of roads and railways, Munich's Bavaria Towers are a new landmark in the east of the city. In the tallest of the four towers, Design Offices offers new state-of-the-art workspaces over seven floors and 9,000 square metres. The provider of innovative corporate co-working solutions chose Occhio as a reliable and strong partner for the holistic implementation of their comprehensive lighting concept, which stays within budget thanks to intelligent lighting design and elevates the interior to an unprecedented level with design and lighting of the highest quality.
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In Munich's Bogenhausen district, the Bavaria Towers are a modern architectural ensemble, bringing together a new generation of offices and hotels. In the tallest of the four towers, co-working space provider Design Offices has moved into a total of seven floors to offer a new way of working in line with state-of-the-art standards. The notion of maximum versatility, inherent in the office design, was also the benchmark for the Occhio lighting concept.

The flexibility of the lighting design essentially results from a track system that creates harmony with the trapezoidal layout of the building while also responding to particular requirements and circumstances.

Entstanden ist ein stringentes Schienenraster, das sich vom Mittelpunkt des Towers aus strahlenförmig in den einzelnen Geschossen verteilt. Das flexible Beleuchtungskonzept erstreckt sich über die gesamte Fläche von 9.000 qm und wird vor allem durch die Leuchtenserien Mito, Mito linear und Più abgebildet. Den strengen Budgetvorgaben konnte durch intelligente Lichtgestaltung begegnet werden.

Occhio's Services im Projekt – von der Lichtgestaltung über die Projektabwicklung bis hin zur finalen Abnahme – kamen bereits insgesamt bei fünf Standorten von Design Offices zum Einsatz.

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A beacon for office design

The building's external appearance was also factored into the lighting design. The design of the ceiling soffit, for instance, as a surface visible from the outside, was at the forefront of the planning and is brought to life by the continuous array of black tracks. At the same time, the building is attuned to the rhythm of daylight: warm light in the morning and evening, with cooler light during the day. The color temperature can be adjusted dynamically using »color tune« and controlled synchronously across all floors via Occhio air.

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A welcoming feel

The reception is located on the second floor. This is where people convene: the lounge area, coffee bar and large outdoor terrace all stimulate creative exchanges and relaxed conversation. For this setting, Design Offices wanted lighting that conceptually stood out from the repetitive continuity of the standard floors above. Yet the same luminaires that are used throughout the entire project are employed here: a track version of the spotlight Più R alto 3d and a special version of the suspended luminaire Mito sospeso with a black canopy. The sense of animation created by different heights and the informal arrangement create a visual lightness that encompasses the entire second floor.

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In great company – light for all occasions

In the Arena – a large multifunctional space that can be rented by in-house clients and external companies for functions, lectures, panel discussions, business events and so on – the great versatility of Mito sospeso hits the mark once again. Its adjustable suspension height means that this room can cater for all occasions. Each luminaire can quickly be moved to the required height, offering maximum scope for design.

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Talking point – atmospheric lighting

In the well-appointed, welcoming meeting rooms, which are furnished with familiar, carefully selected design classics, the hint of playfulness is also reflected in the lighting. Mito sospeso sets the stage for an inviting meeting place that has the power to bring together, connect and unite. The color temperature of the light can be adjusted to suit the situation; from stimulating light in the morning to warm light for relaxed networking, meaning that meetings take on a more intimate and personal atmosphere.

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Perfekter Match: Design Offices gestaltet mit Occhio New Work auf höchstem Niveau

Moderne Arbeitswelten zeichnen sich durch flexible Arbeitslandschaften aus, in denen perfekt designte Arbeitsplätze für das Ambiente ebenso wichtig sind wie Akustik, Luft und Licht. In Occhio fand Design Offices einen starken Partner für die Lichtgestaltung seiner Räume. Bereits an fünf Standorten des Anbieters innovativer Corporate Coworking Spaces verwirklichte Occhio Lichtlösungen – unter anderem in München, Nürnberg, Düsseldorf und Leipzig. Bei der ganzheitlichen Umsetzung des umfassenden Lichtkonzepts begegnet Occhio den Budgetvorgaben mit intelligenter Lichtgestaltung und setzt neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Design und Lichtqualität.

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Onboard tranquillity – light meets acoustics

For the multifunctional Meet & Move Room, Occhio's lighting design team had to meet an additional requirement, which led to a special luminaire solution: Mito soffitto is used here with acoustically effective material in the form of round, black panels made of PET, inspired by the existing Design Offices partition walls. For the first time, this bespoke solution combines light and acoustics in an Occhio luminaire, which was later included in the portfolio in a modified form as Mito soffitto acoustic.

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Perfect pairing – flexible light

On the standard floors, the great versatility of the lighting concept comes into play once again and allows for a generous degree of customisation. Here, the track system is retained throughout, equipped alternately with three Più R alto 3d spotlights and a suspended luminaire – Mito volo track. The layout of the lighting tracks closely matches the architecture: as well as the number of window openings, all of the ceiling joists with the potential to be used as partition walls were also factored in.

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The lowest common denominator

The smallest office unit functions as a one- or two-person office or as a meeting room for four people. It is equipped with two tracks, one with a suspended luminaire and one with spotlights. This configuration perfectly illustrates the versatility of both the architecture and the lighting concept: flexible partitions, which turn the open-plan space into mini-offices, and the cohesive design of the track system integrated with Occhio luminaires. Here, too, directed spots of light complement the diffuse rays shining upwards from the suspended luminaire.

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Smart lighting control at your fingertips

The lighting concept is not restrictive: the spaces are leased out as part of a continual, dynamic process and their design can be altered using versatile wall elements – even so, tenants can configure their own preferred lighting arrangement. This is where the user becomes a designer and employs gesture control or the Bluetooth-based Occhio air lighting control to tailor the settings to the prevailing mood and personalise their workspace.

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Munich Design Offices Munich

Year of completion: 2020
Architecture: Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito soffitto, Mito volo, Più R alto, Più R alto 3d
Photos: Christoph Philadelphia
Lighting design: Occhio
Text: Barbara Jahn-Rösel

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