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new horizons at Villa Necchi Campiglio

In a unique show of multi-sensory staging and product presentation, visitors to Milan Design Week were able to discover the future of light. With 'new horizons', Occhio created an unforgettable experience for all the senses – in the green oasis of Villa Necchi Campiglio in the heart of Milan and beyond the hustle and bustle.

Unforgettable impressions with 'new horizons'

new horizons – an immersive experience

'new horizons' symbolizes the new, the unknown, the opening up of new realms that exceed our imagination, in order to then make them tangible for people, to transfer them into reality. On the grounds of Villa Necchi Campiglio, Occhio brought a whole new world of light from imagination to reality. From 18 to 23 April 2023, thousands of guests were able to experience a multi-sensory installation that thrilled all around.

In the spirit of a total work of art, 'new horizons' was a completely new, holistic experience of Occhio's new culture of light. At the same time the idea of 'new horizons' goes far beyond this installation. It stands for the endless drive to innovate, to always strive for the new and never stand still.

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Milano Design Week 2023 new horizons
Milano Design Week 2023 exhibition
Milano Design Week 2023 Luna
Milano Design Week 2023 Luna sogno Luna basso
Milano Design Week 2023 Luna sospeso Luna parete
Occhio Milan Luna Sphere
Milano Design Week 2023 Coro
Milano Design Week 2023 Coro moon sospeso
Milano Design Week 2023 Coro exhibition
Milano Design Week 2023 Coro sospeso
Milano Design Week 2023 Mito cosmo
Milano Design Week 2023 Mito cosmo

Occhio inside – Axel Meise about new horizons

We never stop innovating – experience our novelties

Esstisch Luna sospeso

Light from another planet

Luna – an experience outside of this world: At first glance, sensual and mysterious. At second glance, a masterpiece of lighting technology – made possible by the magical Occhio fireball light source, which floats like a celestial body in the shining glass sphere.

Luna will be available from Q4/2023.

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Welcome to Occhio – a new culture of light

Pendelleuchte Mito sospeso

Better quality of life with light from Occhio

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

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