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Lighting for art

Art in the spotlight

In the fascinating symbiosis of light and art, a magical connection is created that touches senses and makes emotions glow. Light has the unique power to immerse works of art in a new light, to highlight their hidden nuances and to create an atmosphere that captivates the viewer.
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Beleuchtung Kunst Occhio

What does good lighting for art mean?

Good lighting plays a crucial role in the presentation and effect of art. It is more than a simple necessity to make paintings, sculptures or other artistic works visible. Rather, it significantly influences the atmosphere, the emotions and the perception of art.

Good lighting for art means that the light sources are positioned and adjusted to show off the artwork in all its beauty and depth. It should preserve the natural appearance of the artwork and at the same time emphasise the artist's expressive power.

Beleuchtung Kunst Occhio

Focus on art

Light intensity is an important aspect when it comes to illumination of art. Appropriate brightness allows the viewer to see details and engage with the work without being distracted by glare light. Balanced lighting also prevents unwanted shadows and reflections that could detract from the visibility and beauty of the artwork.

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Art in the right light

The right light distribution ensures that a work of art is illuminated evenly and harmoniously. Directed lighting can be used to focus on specific areas of the artwork to emphasise its structure and details.

Dos & Don'ts: What should be considered when lighting art?

Set a focus
Outside the artwork, the incidence of light should be low. Zoom lenses ensure precise accentuation.

Go for flexible solutions
Needs can change at any time. By changing lenses, you can remain as flexible as possible in terms of lighting.

Pay attention to evenness
Large works of art in particular require even illumination. The respective size dictates the choice of luminaire.

Take account of possible reflections
Glass or canvas? The tilt angle determines whether glare is reflected back.

Set the mood
Intense light contrasts can quickly become irritating. For a more beautiful experience, we advise a mix of accent light and diffuse light.

Consider the quality of light
A CRI (color rendering index) which is too low can affect color rendering. Look for a high value. All our luminaires have a CRI greater than 95, guaranteeing outstanding light quality that is as close as possible to daylight.

Personal consultation

With light from Occhio you can illuminate your works of art perfectly. The unique features of our luminaires make art shine. Find out which lighting is suitable for your rooms and works of art from our experts in store.
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Light art for works of art

In summary, good lighting for art is an interplay of technique, creativity and appreciation. It respects artistic intent, creates a welcoming environment and allows viewers to experience the beauty and expressive power of art in its full glory. Thoughtful, high-quality lighting can bring art to life and enrich the viewer's perspective in unique ways.

Be enchanted by the powerful relationship between light and art and experience the emotional resonance that these two elements can evoke. Immerse yourself in a world full of inspiration, expression and magic, where works of art can not only be seen but also felt. In the interplay of light and art, new dimensions reveal themselves to us and open up endless possibilities of interpretation and sensation.