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Lena Lutter illuminated by Occhio

stories about light – Lena Terlutter

At home with Lena Terlutter

Everybody understands good lighting and good design differently. Where we all agree, however, is on the effect we want it to achieve, because good lighting inspires and transforms your home into a happy place!
Learn how light impacts the everyday life of blogger and style icon Lena Terlutter – in Lena's 'story about light'.
Lena Lutter illuminated by Occhio

A new dimension of light

Light doesn't just brighten things up, it creates ambience and evokes emotion. Some love the vibrancy of brightly lit rooms, while others prefer the cosiness of dimmed, warm lighting.

Lena Lutter illuminated by Occhio

Lena Terlutter and her family moved into their new home just a short while ago. Clean colors and lines dominate the interior of the elegantly renovated manor house – with light playing a special role.


Lena Lutter illuminated by Occhio

Lighting for greater impact and inspiration

Lena doesn't only need good lighting for her work so she can take great photos. Good lighting is liberating. It awakens and inspires. Lena harnesses the power of this in her home too, and this makes her feel good.

'Warm and cosy lighting creates a sense of well-being, homeliness and freedom.'
Lena Terlutter